Update to NACHI Reputation System

Hey folks,

Just wanted to let you guys know that I’ve updated the NACHI reputation system to allow NACHI members to “opt-out” of the system. If you click on the “Control Panel” link near the upper left-hand corner of the message board and then choose “Edit Options,” you will see the option to show or hide your reputation level. Non members do not have this option.

I just want to reiterated that the reputation system does not affect NACHI members in any way other than showing their reputation level (a NACHI member will never get banned for a low reputation level).


Hmmmmmmm the person who has programed this thing is still the only person with any positive comments. I smell a rat!!!
Oh well there goes my little green box


Rank does have its privileges :smiley:

I will Green you every time Carl

How many “brownie” posts equals a “greenie”! Sounds like swapping back in the school yard. Or what does one need to do to become or derserve to be a Mr/Mrs/Ms Red Square? I’ve been feeling rather “gray” lately.

Could I kindly ask how such ranking takes place or based on what precedence? Perhaps Chris can share his fortunes with others.

Thanks in advance.


Don’t worry we will keep you in the GREEN!! I just gave you REP.:smiley:

Thanks - much appreciated, what’s that all about? I didn’t think I was that bad a guy! Help keep the bad, foul mouths at bay?

Anyways - Harry’s back and doing well, perhaps you have likely already heard of his successful heart transplant. He is now keeping busy preparing some new course materials for us.
Regards, Claude


I have seen him in the news[CITY-TV] and was happy to see him in good spirits!!


When I was in grade school I used to get “stars” or not, for school work that I did, here on this board we get GREEN, GREY, or RED squares. Rating system.

Thanks - been awhile since I received stars …other than just the ones I see at night!

While we might not always agree I most certainly think you are a star
Roy Cooke

Dont’t you guys remember when we went to school and come home with a silver star on your forehead? Or was that way after your time? ha. ha. ha.

I saw stars twice in my life and that was the silver one on my forehead and the day my Wife put the ring on my finger. 35 years strong.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :smiley:

awwww Marcel that is sooo cute!

Why is it that every time I try to Add/subtract to a persons rating it sends me to the log in page??

Then I get the invalid post thing?