Request for Homeguage

I recently made a new template for commercial inspections and created a new section in the optional section of the report for Tier 1 ADA Survey.

Because there are 9 sections for the ADA survey I listed them individually and would like to be able to have “ADA Tier 1 Survey” in the table of contents.

I called CS yesterday and Bethany was a great help but I guess there is no way to change this so it shows up on the report.

Is this something HG can work on? or does someone have an idea that might help.


I agree with Peter and have a request of my own for Commercial Property Conditions Assesments/* Reports:

I need something inside of my Commercial Inspection Reporting software on Costs to Cure Physical Defects.

I am looking for Estimated Repair and/or Replacement Costs, with a Description of Repair Recommendations, with a time frame of 1 to 5 years, that would work with my Commercial inspection report software. I use HomeGuage.

I need something similar to this to where I click on something that is × years old, gives me x years remaining and an estimated repair cost of x amount of dollars:
· Description of Repair
· System Overall Condition
· Short Term /Immediate Repair Cost
· Time Frame
· Useful Life Remaining

I would also like under the Cooling / Heat Pumps section, under HVAC INENTORY, to include 1 section for multiple units:
· HVAC Unit
· Year Built
· Cooling Capacity # of Tons
· Heating Capacity BTUs [output]
· Operational Manufacturer
· Area Serviced
· Comments

Let me know if I am not understanding you but I think it will work if you Clicked on Components bar on left and at the bottom of next window create a new section container called ADA etc. Then when you go in their and make section names they will be shown in the content list

Hi Michael,
We do have a robust estimation feature hidden in the software. If you open template and then at the menu line at top under template options “Turn on Workscope” feature. It was designed for energy audits way back when…but you can see if it can work for now they way you describe. It allows you to create different projects or jobs and you could name the jobs 1-5, 5 years etc.

Thanks Russell Buchanan. You are the greatest.

What I was trying to do was create the ADA section in the lower optional section of the report, which I did. I was hoping to add " Tier 1 ADA Survey" to the table of contents identifying this section of the report.

I had 9 sections so I ended up labeling each one.

This was a full building inspection and the ADA survey was an add on not a stand along type of inspection.