HomeGauge 4.4

HG 4.4 upgrade has been released

Thanks Robert, I am using it now. I have to watch the video again, I was hoping that the estimation portion was going to be integrated into the inspection template. I am not sure yet but it seems like I have to open a second template and write the estimate independently?
I like the other changes to the look an feel.
Its a great program and I am very happy with it

I watched the video (but I didn’t pay close attention (8\)) and you can dump your report summary items into your estimates. I don’t plan to get into the estimate side for now, but it looks good for those that do.

I used the upgrade today and love it! The estimate feature is really nice. You can dump the summary into it and make any adjustments as needed. I like being able to turn on or off different sections of the estimate and the ability for phases. I have not tried to incorporate the spreadsheet functions with it though. I usually do all my estimates on spreadsheet. The office notes are really handy also.

I am still playing with the “faded excluded items”, not sure I like that. Those “other” software packages can not touch this!

You can add the estimate section to any template with three clicks!

Ohhh behave! ;-):smiley:

Got it, I finally sat down and added an estimate. Fabulous, super, great, the best, wonderful, fantastic.
So here is a question. how would you go about writing the estimate based on the summary items if you would normally group items on an estimate, for instance, my summary may list multiple windows or sliding doors that require adjustment and or lubrication individually, but I would normally group all similar operations into one fee on my estimate (even though I may list them individually). example of 3.0 hours labor to lubricate all windows and door tracks, adjust living room sliding door rollers and latch assembly, tighten handle.
would you write the estimate at the .1 hour for the tighten handle? and CYA in the header something about minimum charges, trip charges etc. Because I would hate for someone to take that singular item out of the report and try to get someone to come out and tighten an handle for $6.50 as a stand alone repair.

That probably was not very clear but see what you can do with the question…

I normally group my items together on my report. The estimate is then easy. I would think that you would combined items and give it one price. Copy and paste the doors and windows of each room together(assuming you are doing room by room). Possibly copy and paste door and windows together if you are doing system by system. Or write your estimate for separate door and windows on system by system.

Just my opinion.

Can someone explain the benefit of this feature too me?

Ditto. Where I’m from, you can’t do work on a house you inspected anyway.

It takes HomeGauge 6 months to put out a new, minor, release and the release is completely useless to me. I wish instead they’d fix the list of bugs I’ve sent the developers. My patience is growing thin with Homegauge.

Do you some examples? Just curious, I’m a HG user too.

Just a few here:

  1. The “Uploading Report” window has focus above everything else on your screen. If you have a slower internet connection, as I do at home, I have to sit and wait for that stupid notification to go away before I can do any other work. The uploads should occur in the background.

  2. If you have many inspection items for one component such as a water heater, the tabs just run off the right side of the form and you can’t get back to them.

  3. Narrative comments are not categorized alphabetically. That is, if you want to select a narrative by using the filter, the list is not alphabetical. I have my narratives extensively categorized, for easy finding. However it ain’t easy because there is no rhyme or reason to how they display in the software.

  4. You can categorize statements (narratives) in the template and they show up just fine when viewing all comments in the template “tree view”, but sometimes they don’t display when you looking for them in the form view, using the category filter.

  5. The HTML documents or letters you create do not allow you to insert blank rows.

  6. The HTML documents or letters you create do not allow you to choose your own font or font size.

  7. There is no easy way to keep your narratives consistent between templates. That is, when you change a narrative in one template, it is only changed in that template. I’m constantly refining and editing my wording, and I must constantly copy/paste the edits between the two main templates I use.

8 There are some problems with maintenance of agent info online.

Shall I keep going…?

That’s your choice. Thanks for what you’ve posted.

I agree, especially with 3, 4, 6, and 7.

As for as uploading, I quit doing that. I save as PDF, email and save a copy. A lot of clients and agents were asking for a PDF copy. I started to send a copy and the HG link for the upload and noticed many, at least 50%, wouldn’t even bother to sign in at HG. For me it didn’t make sense to spend $300 a year.

Joe -

I’ve used HG for 4 years; love it AND got no idea what your talking about as to filters, narratives not be categorized alphabetically, etc. Works great for us.

In 5 years, I’ve had only one agent ask for a PDF. Even though I personally hate PDFs, it’s nice having the software that provides the option to produce either. I upload reports, send all email notifications in less than a minute with maybe 2 to 3 clicks, fast and easy. Works great for me too (I use mainly one template for all of my inspections so the narrative thing Joe mentions has not been an issue for me.)

I like the uploading because I can track who’s viewed the report, who’s forwarded the report, and can lock it down if the house fails to close.

Hi Guys! It’s been a while since I have visted this board and I wish I had more time to counter all the negative hype about software comparisons. Please do your own due diligence. Inspect a home in the “other” software and then try HomeGauge and you will find one you prefer over the other. It’s that simple.

Now to all HomeGauge users: Thank you for all your support among the wolves.

HG has been working on more than this upgrade for the last 6 months so stay tuned for more exciting features aimed at separating you from the competition. This upgrade has many other features added than just the Work Scope but to answer a question as to why did we create Work Scope?

For many home inspectors it will not be used. I knew that going in. But, here are some reasons it was added:

  1. First, energy inspectors need it for Cost Benefit Analysis. It’s a great feature for them and a slam dunk. Home inspectors are becoming energy pros and those guys will love it. Many HG’ers into energy have already been praising it.

  2. Commercial Inspections: Many commercial inspectors give estimates and use HG. Some charge extra to give estimates and provide protocols that ensure a quality repair if followed.

  3. Contracting Inspectors. This was how I entered into home inspections. I first was a General Contractor and became a home inspector. I still did both. Now this type of inspector/contractor can take his HG software and go bid on a job fast and professional compared to the other bidders for the homeowner.

  4. Many states are not licensed, and many inspectors do not belong to an organization that forbids doing the work. They can give estimates and the homebuyer can go shop it for lower prices or take the inspector’s prices. This still goes on whether or not an organization approves.

  5. How can a home inspector who follows the “adopted” ethics use this feature?

a. Bring the summary items into the “Work Scope” without giving estimate values. Now the agent or customer can print it out and go get estimates from a work write up you provided. Very nice feature and another service you provided.

b. Develop protocols for the repairs. How many times have you been briefed on an upcoming repair or remodel such as a roof replacement, and discovered the roofer didn’t use drip edge and tarred instead of flashed a roof? Or a “contractor” replaced the bath floor vinyl and cut around the toilet, used latex caulk along the cut at tub? With Work Scope you can develop the wording that ensures an equal bid (apples to apples) and professional work.

Tear off roof covering down to plywood. Replace any rotten plywood up to 32 square feet. Install 30 pound builders felt with “cap nails” and metal drip edge around perimeter of roof. Chimneys will be properly step and counter flashed with x gauge aluminum as well as roof and wall junction including dormers. An aluminum roll of sheeting 24 inches wide will be first applied to the valley before weaving shingles. All vents and hoods will be waterproofed with a rubber boot flange etcetera etc.

…You can store these as auto comments at the work scope section. You can charge extra to provide this service to your customer.

Work Scope can give you an edge on your competition:
Provides active change in the workplace that helps upgrade the type of work going on out there
Helps the home owner get bids on the same work
Saves the planet from ugly work.

Any response you’d like for me to see, please email me direct russell@HomeGauge.com

Watch a Tour on Work Scope http://www.homegauge.com/inspector/support/tours4.html

Hey Joe Funderburk,
Some of the items you mentioned we can do, and it does alpha in the global and allows you to place them in the local by frequency etc. I believe you are on a dial up but most upload the full report in under a minute. Please call me direct and I can go over your list one by one and see if we can clear up a few things.

Thanks Russell! Good info.

Every problem I have ever encounter with HG has at the end of the day been USER error. and of course that user is me. but usually a quick call or email gets a resolve right away.