Software Change

I currently use Homegauge and have now for over 3 years. Does anyone here use Inspect-It from AHIT?
I would like to change a bit because the Homegauge seems to have too much “canned” comments in it and the report appears overwhelming. The summary feature is not very good either. I like to have multiple summaries, for example: Major concerns, Minor Inspection Findings, Maintenance Issues, Safety Issues. All these headings will have a 1-2 sentence description of or definition of what “major” is or “minor” is.

However, with Homegauge the summary cannot do that without making a WHOLE other summary page, with my information on it so on and so forth.
Also, I would like to go multi-inspector in 2008 and the check list on Inspect-It seems idiot proof. So if you do the entire check list, you have adhered to the SOP (not fully of course, but you know what I mean). With Homegauge that seems kind of tough.

Any feedback would be appreciated. By the way, I do like Homegauge and have nothing negative to say about it. Just wanted other options.

I have Report Plus from AHIT and customized the report soooo much that it felt like I created the software. When it comes to what you are looking for, I would look around at other software first. AHIT software uses MS word soo much that when you have a problem, the company is likely to tell you it is MS words problem. The steps to make changes to your comments are simpler on other home inspection software I have tried out. Overall I like AHIT software but for what you are looking for, you may want to look around some more.

Good Luck!

Whats the learning curve like on ReportPlus? I am searching for something else also. I also use ReportHost but want to get away from internet based systems. Preferably using a PDA in the field. Any suggestions are very welcome.



Have you tried HomeGauge’s narrative format? I get compliments all the time about how easy it is to read. Yes it would nice to have the summary like you mentioned, but summary reports are generally intended to highlight major concerns and not minor or maintenance issues. That’s why it is so imperative that the client understands the entire report must be read. Sometimes I wonder if having a summary get’s inspectors in trouble because many clients don’t read the report?

Like I said. I have been a Gauge user for 3 years now. I have tried all their report styles. Currently I use the Texas template, modified a little. Looks like I’m better off staying with Homegauge. Thanks for the input.


The best thing about Home Gauge is that it can be completly customized. Give HG support a call or email, and I’m sure they would be willing to help you create the different summaries you need.

You do not get that type of customer support with other software solutions. The whole thing is in HTML and can be changed to suit your needs.

Do what you must, but I think you might be digressing by going to InspectIt. (IMHO)


I use AHIT’s Inspect+ and it’s okay. For me, it was important to have something that allows me the flexiblity to edit the comments to suit the inspection. Nothing is black and white when you’re in the inspection business. Canned comments are a start, but you really need to sit down and edit the comments to fit the situation. In addition, the formatting of the Inspect+ report is very professional in appearance.

As for the PDA version of Inspect+, I bought it thinking he same thing as you did. However, IMHO it’s missing one very important feature. When you record the observation, the PDA version does not allow you to input the location like the PC version. I’ve talked to AHIT about it and they don’t have any plans at this time to upgrade the PDA software.

The way I do inspections is not strictly by room or systems. It’s a combination of both. When I go into a room, I inspect it for interior finishes, electrical, and plumbing (if it has it). However, I inspect the HVAC and electrical panels as systems. This approach saves me time in the field, but adds time when I write out the report.

What works for me is to use a tablet with custom PDF checklists based on the room or system. When I get back home and write the report, I have the PDF file bookmarked so I can flip through it electronically and collect all of the observations and enter it into Inspect+ by system.

If you want to use Inspect+ in the field to collect & generate the report, I’d go with a tablet and the full PC version of the software. You will have to probably modify all of the canned comments to suit you and add more into it to get fully usable.

Thanks for your observations. I am looking at inspectexpress. I just dont want to jump into anything and then be stuck with it. I’m just going to take my time I guess. Thanks once again.


I use Homegauge, and like it - I embed “smart-text” in smart text, and have created a very comprehensive report library where I am never more than a few key-strokes from being able to drill down to the exact comment and wording I want. Took me hundreds of hours to get there, though.

But that said, the inability to easily link a brief summary item to a more detailed explanation in the body without creating two separate items is IMO a major draw back, and probably the most important major improvement HG could make in the product for inspectors who use it as I do.

HG says there are pretty close to a major new release (major ver. number) and I’d wait to see what changed them make then before moving.

Very true. I will stay with Homegauge and see what type of improvements they make.

For example, if I have a MINOR Defect and a Safety Defect in the Electrical section (CONNECTED DEVICES AND FIXTURES), in the check list both are checked and in the narrative both are mentioned. That should be fixed. Homegauge did not really have a good answer for that. They just said to word it differently in the comment.

However, I like the way InspectVue makes that difference in the comment. But I do not really care for the InspectVue report.

Thanks guys for all you help.

I’ll go the Homegauge board to see how they handle the multi inspector firms.


I like Nspector,easy and right to the point, clients always say very easy to read, no complaints and if you have any questions, Anthony Locascio is right there to help with questions.