Required nailing for floor joists

What are the specifics for nailing of a 2x10 to girder framing? Required nail sizes and minimum needed.
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Determined by project engineer.

I love it. 80 looks and one answer, for a inspection related question. If I posted something about the liberal media or a stupid picture, or talk about dingleberry, everyone would be all over it.
Where is Marcel when i need him…
Where do you come up with an on site engineer. I don’t know of too many single story homes, where an on site engineer is going to check nailing requirements. The IRC specifies 3. Is that each side or per board. 12D of course.

Two on one side, one on the other.

I’m sorry, maybe I should have elaborated. Most homes are built using engineered plans. If you don’t have the plans, then you aren’t going to know what the engineer specified for the situation. In the future you’re on your own.

Thanks for the clairity. Still has to be a specific answer though.

Canadian version:

When framed into the side of a wood beam, joists shall be supported on

a) joist hangers or other acceptable connectors, or

b) not less than 38 mm by 64 mm ledger strips nailed to the side of the beam, except that 38 mm by 38 mm ledger strips may be used provided each joist is nailed to the beam by not less than four 89 mm nails, in addition to the nailing for the ledger strip…

Chris has it:

24-- Joist to sill or girder, toe nail-- 3-8d (21/2″ × 0.113″) —