Hows this for framing

Todays home framing issue. Need your thoughts

I joist with one nail on each side of hanger…this is the drop down stair entry in the garage.

Engineer I joist on one side solid wood on other, hangers with one nail and nails through right side I joist…simply amazing to me but one of you may be able to convince me I am nuts and this is completely OK.

To me its structurally incorrect and just flat wrong.

Please feel free to tell me how you would write this up.


Curt, that opening should have been engineered with LVLs to carry the load for the stairs, even if their a set of pull downs. So, you are correct, I would refer it back to whoever designed the I joists for the project.

Good call on your part!

Holy sh#t Batman, this is ridiculous.

This whole framing system is wrong and highly recommend a Contractor/engineer to evaluate and repair as needed per Manufactures recommend details for this type of framing.

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley:

wood on one side/ I joist on the other/ differant joist hangers.

incorrect joist hanger use (look at right side) see a better pic here

This I am sure is gonna cause a uproar with the builder since its gonna cost a few bucks to fix.

Anyone call somthing out that is easy to call back to a document?


Curt, Let him roar all he wants, it is wrong and there is nothing out there from the manufacturers product literature that will make him right.

So let him roar all he wants, you don’t work for him anyways.

Good job on your part.

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley:

Good call Curt! The builder is going to be pissed at the framer not you.

Well said Mario, I posted some pics of rotted joists a couple of weeks ago, the builder called me this week to talk about my findings. I will now be checking out his investment properties prior to him buying, he asked if I was interested in being a site supervisor I thanked him but declined. I will however do some QC inspections as his sub’s finish major work as my schedule allows.

It pays not to jump to conclusions when a frustrated investor/builder calls to discuss findings.

Guess I need to check my active rain blog to make sure I didn’t chastise the builder too much. :mrgreen:

Nice catch Curt!

I believe that no composite joist manufacturer would approve nailing through the web, or even attaching a joist hanger only to the web. I believe the standard is to call for top-flange joist hangers only, when attaching to composite joists. Face-nailed hangers are good only on sawn lumber, if they are fully nailed according to the hanger manufacturer’s specifications. The top-flange hangers you see with only one nail are OK, because the load isn’t carried by the nail.

In any case, the hanger manufacturer’s nailing specifications should be followed if the hanger is to carry the full load for which it is designed, and the joist manufacturer’s instructions should be folowed for where on the joist nails are permitted.

Whether LVL’s are required to frame the opening can’t be determined, but more than likely, at least double joists on each long side of the opening should have been provided. A qualified design professional (a **good architect or a structural engineer, **not a builder) should be referred to, in order to make that determination. It will take a bit of calculating, but not much.