Service to main

Came across a 100 amp service entering into 200 amp meter then onto 200 amp panel. Other than the reduced amperage (at 100 amps), any other issues that may result from this?

Thank you for your assistance.

How did you determine that the service was 100 amps?

The question has come up frequently (as of late) as to whether or not the meter rating has anything to do with the service capacity. It does not.

To answer your question, 100 amp capacity supplying 200 amp components is perfectly acceptable.

If the SE cable or whatever wiring method is used is rated for 100 amps (I am not talking about the meter equipment), then the overcurrent device (part of the service disconnect) is required to be rated at 100 amps as well. 230.90(A).

Hello Pierre,

I was hoping to get a bit more information with regard to the service. Generally the SEC is not readily visible to make the determination that the “service to the main” is 100 amps. If it was actually the SEC he was referring to, you’re absolutely right (and I didn’t mean to imply anything else), the disconnect (or largest OCPD) is required to be rated at a maximum of 100 amps.

My thought was that he may have been referring to the drop (which is why I posed the question). He never did make mention of the rating, or even the presence, of a service disconnect.

Your posts on the electrical aspect of HI are always very good. I was not responding to your post, but the original post.

You should consider a position as an electrical inspector… if you should ever decide to move to NY, call me and you can come work for me.:wink: