Requirements to become a structural engineer

Does anyone know what a structural engineer is required to have? (license? degree levels, etc.)

It seems in florida they are required to have a bachelors degree in structural engineering. I was trying to call for more confirmation but offices seem to be shut down or at least not answering phone calls (riots, paranoia going on currently).


What are your qualifications?
We have a few Engineers on this MB, and they may chime in for the right person!


I was just hoping to verify since I got a call from someone who felt a contractor that might work on her home may not actually meet structural engineer credentialing requirements. None of this really involves me since shes not a client, but it will be good info to relay to actual clients of mine. So I would love to hear from the florida structural engineers in here.

Each state is somewhat different. Some states have adopted the structural engineer (SE) designation, some have not. Florida has adopted the SE designation, which is distinguishable from Florida’s 9 other PE designations (mechanical, chemical, civil, etc).

On top of that, you can be a PE in one state and apply for comity in another state, and be allowed to practice in both states. You can actually be a civil PE in one state, and through comity perform structural work in another state with a SE designation, as long as you follow the rules (sometimes limitations are applied).

But to carry the true SE designation in Florida, you need to pass SE exam.

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thanks darren

Another important point is that most (all?) states allow you to search the license of PEs.
Sometimes that includes complaints/judgements against them.