Residual Income

I found an opportunity to make residual income to grow for a retirement fund
and thought it might be good for home inspectors who may want to save money themselves
on energy costs and save for retirement at the same time. The company is Ambit Energy,
you may have heard of them.

I am not selling anything, the way it works is people have to pay for electric and gas
they just get it at a cheaper rate. People have to sign up under a consultant.

Here is my website, you must use the address bar to bring the address up.
It is

If you have any questions, please give me a call.
I look forward to hearing your comments.

Larry Allen
V.S.I. Home Inspections LLC

You’re a spammer !
Bye !

Energy AMWAY

Didn’t I kill this early today ?

Can’t “kill” another member’s post. Live with it!

This is not spam. It is a real opportunity to earn residual income.

BUll s hit. Scum crap

There are several of those power reselling companies around here. I spoke to one for a good bit at a home show I was at a few months back. Was another MLM scam…seems to be a lot of that going on lately.

They prey on folks hopes and dreams.

Rip off your friends and family and become rich…
Not Me.

Had a friend into this Ambient energy scam about 3 years ago

It’s actually a pyramid scheme where you make more based on bringing in other suckered idiot’s.