Retro fit Strapping

Opinions on this particular job are welcome!

I cannot see to well but it does not appear to have 3 nail per? I also cannot tell distance from tiebeam attachment and truss.

Do you have permits ont that or engineering reprots. I konw of no apporval for that type of strapping. It has no uplift value.

Wouldn’t fly in my book. What did they do there, take the shingles and decking off for that mess? These retrofitters need to be spanked sometimes.

Yep - That is exactly what they did - AND - it looks like there are valid clips already in place. So even if they did it correctly the savings factor is negligible.

I saw somebody do a retrofit with clips before where there were already clips in place. :roll:

That is not an approved strap. There is no FL Approval for that type of strap. :neutral:

Disregard my OP, it is approved by Florida, just not approved for RTW connections. This looks like to be a wall to wall connection.

I belived this strap was just tested for tension and not uplift

One of my concerns with this type of retrofit is the placement of the nails in the top plate - it would seem that the uplift resistance of an up facing nail would be minimum. - As opposed to a nail into the vertical wall or vertical face top plate

Thats why they call for SDS 1/4 X 1 1/2 Screw.

Is there a resource for identifying approved straps and fasteners for retrofits?

Michael - do a google search. There is all kinds of information

Yes…Google. Just remember that any retrofit for RTW must be an approved connector and installed the same as for new construction. Minimum uplift capacity is 500 lbs per connection on any retrofit after 10/01/2007.

There is only one connector approved for top mount on the wall, and it’s only approved for top of concrete tie-beams or bond beams.

HGMA10 Simpson.gif

Actually you can use HGA10 connectors to the tops of wood wall according to this bulletin:

That’s correct. The “HGA” but, Brad posted an “HGMA” which is masonry.


Yes I see that, but he also stated that it was the only one approved for top mount. They look identical, but there must be some stamp on them that identifies them…

Thanks for posting. Hadn’t seen that one.

Yep , me neither until you posted yours I became curious as to some of the other products and installation instructions.

You always have good comments and helpful information in your replies - Thanks for your input

I have the approval for the HGAM10 (FL11473), and didn’t know they had it tested for wood top plates. I would assume they are the same connector, just with different fasteners.

You’re correct. My mistake. Thanks for posting the article Richard. I should have read it in its entirety before posting. I appreciate your sharing that.