Is this a clip?

Came across these today - seems to follow all the rules to be a clip, right?


If that is on an exterior wall I say yes. definitely retrofitted. were you able to check the rest of the home? Or at least verify it in a few other places? Did you take the pict or was it provided to you?

If you’re going to go through all of that trouble, why wouldn’t you put in straps?

Is that nails, or hex head screws? Sorry I’m on my phone it is hard to see. I don’t think screws can be used as fasteners.

First pictures looks like nails with washers.

when I build a home if I have extra Simpson ties laying around I have my crew nail them up everywhere.I don’t want to store anything it all goes into the house the more metal the merrier.

Would nails vs screws matter? Seems like screws would have added uplift resistance even though the wind mit form asks for nails. Maybe screws are ok?

Don’t know to be honest with you. In my mind screws would have a better truss uplift resistance. but the form doesn’t clarify if screws are ok. I haven’t ran into that situation yet but I would like to know before I do.

Nails have more shear strength than screws.

I have seen clips installed with T-nails or 6d sinkers before. I would think these wood screws would be better than a T-nail. Corrosion resistant screws are an acceptable substitute for nails, especially when pull-out resistance is needed when attached to the top of the wall plate.|Base&gclid=CjwKEAiAqrqkBRCep-rKnt_r_lkSJAArVUBc0rGIUAAovLgZD_eN0i6vWVlYaO3yLP0yPQcpKdF5hRoCDDbw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds

I agree, for the truss connection I would much rather see nails.
In an uplift situation, nails might bend a bit but still hold.
Side loaded screws will pop their heads off and let go fairly easily.

As far as code, maybe this will help…

But how would you mark the form?

A103.6 Fasteners. Fasteners meeting the requirements of Sections A103.6.1 and
A103.6.2 shall be used and shall be permitted to be screws or nails meeting the minimum
length requirement shown in figures and specified in tables.

A103.6.1 Screws. Screws shall be a minimum #8 size with head diameters no less than
0.3 inch. Screw lengths shall be no less than indicated in the Figures and in Tables.
Permissible screws include deck screws, wood screws, or sheet metal screws (without
drill bit type tip, but can be sharp pointed). Screws shall have at least 1 inch of thread.
Fine threaded screws or drywall screws shall not be permitted. Note that many straps
will not accommodate screws larger than #8.

A103.6.2 Nails. Unless otherwise indicated in the provisions or drawings, where fastener
lengths are indicated in Figures and Tables as 1-¼ inch, 8d common nails with shank
diameter 0.131 inch and head diameters no less than 0.3 inch shall be permitted. Unless
otherwise indicated in the provisions or drawings, where fasteners lengths are indicated
in Figures and Tables as 3 inch, 10d common nails with shank diameter of 0.148 inch and
head diameters no less than 0.3 inch shall be permitted.

Clip…same as you would for nails (unless something silly like drywall screws were used).

Per OIR form it would pass, Just like T-nails pass. … Is it correct? NO
Clips are usually fastened to the SIDE of top plate or beam. The fastener resistance is in the shear value of the nail. In these photo’s the clip fastens to the top of the wall ---- so there is no shear but rather pull out resistance of the fastener. Also, in the second truss up in photo the fasteners are close to the edge of lumber. There is a minimum edge distant (I would have to look it up ± 1’) that the nail has to be from the edge or top of truss. Simpson makes a fastener specifically for this type of arrangement, but these angle brackets are not them.

Unless someone can verify that that piece of metal is some sort of engineered piece designed to stop the forces involved with a wind event, i.e. simpson tie and further its installed IAW some engineering of some sort again simpson tie, Id call it out as no. Just putting metal on a rafter does not a hurricane tie make. IMO

Almost looks like a corner brace like something you’d put on a shelving unit to sure it up. Looks fairly beefy though.

Here’s a better shot

I see a USP stamp on that bracket. That retrofit would be difficult and invasive if a conventional clip was used.

Simpson makes a screw for their fasteners that can be used. (Strength rated for the strap)
Available at Lowes, Home Depot, and the lumber yards.

Those kinda look like a metal roofing screw with a rubber washer?