Return in Closet

This A/C return is in an unsealed closet for an forced air electric heat strip air handler. The closet door has an 1 inch gap under it and there are no slates in the door. Is this a proper installation?


Not around here!

Don’t y’all require grills?

I’ve had similar in entry office with double French doors on ball catches that the doors would not stay shut when the fan was on. Jokingly told client when asked how to repair, “remove the bottom or top row of lites”

This was during a ride along. I hope he didn’t take me seriously.

Sometimes no and sometimes yes. But if this is a high rise many times if you look in the closet that houses these there is a false ceiling and it has vents in the ceilings of the rooms. So it uses the 6-8 inches of head space as one big return. I see it all the time and more info is needed. But don’t automatically assume its wrong. Sometimes the door is intended to close to keep the warm air out and use this as semi AC’d space (like to a muti media center is installed, that equipment gets hot). Need more info to properly come up with the proper answer.

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Returns in closets aren’t allowed around here, though.

They are in Florida…

The closet houses the electric heat strip air handler. The air handler is directly in front of the open return. The closet appears to have been designed for the air handler.

So whats the problem? Sounds OK to me…Warm air from the house is getting into the air handler…I see nothing wrong with it

Okay. Appreciate it Russell.

Even the closet Aunt Murtle has packed full of old phone books? :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, please!

Where the hell is construction going?