Rudd Water Heater Age

Very old unit with serial # 56-62869.

I am not sure how they used to date these things. Is it a 1956 or a 1962?

Thank you

I would call it a 1962 but at this age who cares .
The client needs to know it is well past its normar life and recommend immediate replacement.
If they do not and they get a flood you should be protected but many insurance companies might settle as it will cost then nothing your deductable will pay and they can raise your rates next year because you had a claim.
Strange how the insurance companies work settle a frivolous claim so they can charge more .
Off course if you are like many who have no insurance the odds are the client will not sue you
Roy Cooke

I did recommend replacement NOW! I do have insurance.

Thanks Roy

Just funnen a bit glad to help .
Remember write hard talk soft and miss nothing .
And use the NACHI BB the best people in the world for giving help .
Roy Cooke

I agree Roy. I know what I know and get help with what I don’t. NACHI BB is one of the best resources we have.

Agreed Spencer.

Rheem manufactures Ruud. Rheem Corporation manufactures 20 different brands of water heaters and uses two different serial number series - one that is all numbers and the other which is both letters and numbers.

However, the date code is based on the first 4 digits of the serial number, which signify the month followed by the year, the letter, which is in the 5th position, doesn’t need to be considered. For example, any Rheem manufactured product bearing the serial number 0794****** or 0794F***** will have been manufactured in July of 1994.

I can’t believe you found a water heater manufactured in 1962.