Richmond InterNACHI

Are there any InterNACHI inspectors in or around Richmond. There is supposedly a charter here but the website does not work. If anyone knows someone please send me there info

Lol I don’t think I am cool enough to start my own charter

Why not? The worst that could happen is that you are the only member. Then you can market that you are the president of the Richmond Internachi chapter and the only president who has had 100% success rate of members!

Russel wouldn’t that be considered the snake oil you were going on about. :wink: I would definitely be the only member. I am too busy getting this business off the ground to try to get people to join my Charter. Maybe in a few years :slight_smile:

Wrong think. That would be like saying “I’m too busy trying to get my plane off the ground to climb in the cockpit.”

Starting an InterNACHI Chapter is the fastest way to get your business off the ground.

You’ll get to have great speakers come to your meetings and you’ll learn from them.

You’ll have other members attend and network with them.

You can also invite all the local agents to your meetings (most will never come), but the invitation itself showing you are their local inspection association President is a great marketing piece. And when a few do attend… even better.

You and your members will also be listed on our free chapter website management system which InterNACHI uses to help promote you to your local market.

You might also get to the point (as often happens) where you and a few members of your chapter begin to dream up group-marketing campaigns, schedule events to have booths at where you each can pass out your own literature, create chapter brochures, etc… all of which are often more efficient and effective than you going it all alone at first. I can help with all of that.

We have many quiet little chapters of 6 or 8 members who totally rule their towns.

Alright, I’ll look into it a little more

I tried it with no success in my area. I would suggest you try it though. Your area may be different.

I met a couple of guys in my area that I talk to regularly. The end result of having a Hampton Roads charter did not happen, but I did build some good relationships.

Well if I do it, then it will be successful. I succeed at everything I do. I am just not sure if I want to do it.

What do you have to lose?

I don’t see my attempt at building a Chapter a failure. Like I said, great business relationships and resources came out of the process. I found like minded individuals who have successful businesses and now I have a good local network.

As a one man business when I go out of town I have people I can refer my business to while I am away, and they have reciprocated in the same situations.

Yep. Holding even one Chapter meeting a year would really help your own inspection business.

That’s it? Just once a year? I like the thought of having someone reliable to refer business too