Ride Along, DFW, TX area.

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Would anyone close to DFW area of North Texas be so generous as to allow a ride-along for a refresher to someone who is entering the business. I can meet most any schedule and will travel a modest distance for your help.

I am licensed and intended to be a part-timer, until my corporate position resulted in a recent lay-off, so now I am faced with being a full-time inspector.

Thanks in advance and I will contact any responses by e-mail.

Andy Shelton

BNR Inspection Services


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If one of your potential competitors won't pitch in, you can come with me on my noon appointment tomorrow.

That is, if you don't mind the drive to Houston. Hey, I've driven to Dallas for meetings that were a lot less important! ![icon_cool.gif](upload://oPnLkqdJc33Dyf2uA3TQwRkfhwd.gif)

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Andy, I unfortunately can not do a ride along with you because you are in my non-compete area. However you can attend the local chapter of TAREI and I know there are several inspectors in the group that would be glad to have you do a ride along with them. I went ahead and made a couple of phone calls. One to Brian Murphy 817-467-0213 and Wayne Whitter 214-328-1249. Brian runs a multi inspector firma and we go way back and would be happy to let you ride with him or one of his guys if you will call and ask and he feels comfortable with you. Wayne is chairman of the local group and either you will be able to ride with him or he will introduce you to some others that you could ride with. They have a meeting (Christmas party) tonight. So don’t delay Call them now to get hooked up. Hope this helps. If you tell them Mike Crow sent you that direction I am sure he will do everything he can to help you get with someone.


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Try contacting James Walker, Onesource Real Estate Inspection 817-360-5192. He's in Mansfield. He is a fellow NACHI member and a real nice guy.

Or if you are ever in SA you can tag along with me. But I'm not all that busy right now.


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