I am looking to go on Ridealongs with some of the members…of course I am looking for free ones :slight_smile: but at the least I can offer b’fast lunch and/or dinner to the lucky inspector that takes me…

I am looking in the Denver area…or anyone secure enough in their business to take me along in Colorado Springs area…this will be part of my market…

Thanks in advance…PM me or respond on here and we can email each other.

Good luck on getting your future competition to take you on ride-a-longs.

Your best bet is to seek inspectors “out of your service area”.

I figured as much…but thought I’d toss it out there…in my former life I took many other contractors on ridealongs and visits to my office to see how I operated…I wasn’t worried about them stealing my business or doing things the way I do them…because I knew if they went to the trouble to do business the way I did, I would create a better enviornment for my industry…I was secure with my business…David…you are very successful, based on your posts, does this mean you would do the same for a competitor…would you let a fellow NACHI member in your market ride with you? Just curious, I know I will when I get up and running and feel secure about my methods…doesn’t make it right I suppose…but it is right for me.

FWIW, you’ll usually have better luck with getting fellow NACHI members, a couple hours away (Loveland / Ft. Collins / Boulder), to help you out; you’ll probably have more success after you have joined, have your actual name on the top of your posts, & re-posted your request . . .

Just giving honest feedback. Also, most HI’s don’t even bother with this board; you’ll get a lot more response, after you’ve joined, by doing a ZIP search & calling or emailing them!


You got switched to Member status while I ws typing . . .


I have trained one individual so far. He is now working for me and performing most of the company inspections, as I’m still awaiting for my knee reconstruction surgery.

He called me one day and asked if he could attend free ride-a-longs with me and I agreed. He worked out so well, I hired him.

By the way…he was a NACHI member and still is.