Ride along in WI

New inspector in the state of WI. I have passed the education and both license exams. I was wondering if any inspectors offer or a willing to do the ride-along training.

I understand ( coming from the construction industry, where everything is a closely guarded secret…) that someone in my “market” area may not want to help, so I am willing to travel a bit to reach outside this area.

I am also in the process of getting my E&O and G.L. insurance figured out if that makes a difference. I understand that not every policy might cover a “trainee” on site.

I am located in Grafton WI, which is about 20 miles north of Milwaukee.


If someone volunteers to take him out… I’ll ship you a ton of stuff to make it worth your time.

Hi Wade

If your willing to come up to E/R I would be happy to take you on some inspections ?

Thanks John. Let me know if you two go out on an inspection together.

Thanks John!

I will be in touch this week, to see if we can get something set up.


John, email me fastreply@NACHI.ORG your shipping address.

If you have not got this all set up, I’m a bit closer.

Thanks Dan. Let me know if you take him out on an inspection.

Well so far no luck. Just wanted to bring this topic around again to see if I can drum up any interest. I was only able to get in touch with Dan, and will line something up if possible. In the meantime anyone else interested in helping a new inspector out??


If you want to travel to LaCrosse You more than welcome.

Thanks LeRoy, I may take you up on this. As of now I have not done any ride-alongs, but have been bugging everyone I know for mock inspections. Have done some, but could always use more education.

I will give a call if needed.