new inspector seeks ride along

I am a new home inspector starting up my business. Just passed state exam. I live in lake county florida Mt Dora, Tavares, Eustis Area. I am trying to find a local home inspector who would be willing to do some ride alongs with me. I will carry the ladder. Do the grunt work and buy lunch. I also would be more than happy to do the same for another new inspector down the line. My name is Bill Spear feel free to call me at 407-242-8298 or my email Thanks Will also travel to orlando area.

Hey William, new here and considering getting my license… Are ride alongs required to get your state license?

Go to “Inspector Brotherhood” on facebook… There are several hundred members, and you will probably find a mentor there…

It will be difficult to find a local guy to ride with. Most feel they are training their competition and will not do it.

I remember a time when a lot of inspectors would take out newbies, regardless of what area they worked in. Looks like times have changed with inspectors flooding the market place

I heard the same thing. People dont want to train new people. I was told that if they were to train me i would have to sign a non compete clause and buy his business. That’s not happening…

I train people all the time. I have had many ride along with me.

John, I would greatly appreciate a ride along with your team, and I will not be open shop next to you or be working in your areas. Unlike your friend that you spoke of at Inspection Universe.:roll:

Give me a call and we will set-up a time.

Sean is not a bad guy and we talk all the time. He is a knowledgeable inspector.

Thanks John!!
I’ll call you tomorrow. I’m waiting to hear back from service dept. on my truck.