Ride along

So I have: taken a slew of Nachi courses, purchased domain name, searching for e&o insurance, Finishing my LLC, practiced on a few homes and have been playing with HIP program.
I am anxious to get inspecting, but would feel better if I tagged along with an experienced inspector. I want every one of my inspections to be worth the price.
How did you all handle your first inspection?
Did you worry about shortchanging your first client?
Anybody dare take a newbie on an inspection in the Denver metro area?
If you are busy, I may be able to accelerate your inspections and help you make more money!
Don’t worry about me becoming your competition; I think the non-Nachi members might have to worry though…

Montreal to far for Tuesday at 4 PM. EIFS and roof.
Sure not worried about competition with you that far away.
Anyone in Montreal QC. is welcome.