Looking for a Tag Along

Hi guys ,

I have been a member for a couple months and I am new to the industry, I am yet to do any fee paid inspections. I have done a couple mock ones on friends and family homes to fulfill the membership requirements. I am off for the next 2 weeks from my full time job and was wondering if any of the experienced guys here would be willing to take a newbie along on an inspection that you might have during the next couple of weeks. I will go anywhere from Niagara to Barrie or Kitchener_Waterloo, breakfast,lunch or dinner would be on me depending on the time of day. I can be e-mailed at hometestinspections@hotmail.com or called at 905-730-3049. It would be great to see an inspection through experienced eyes and it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Jerry Bettencourt.

What ever its worth, Carson Dunlop offers shadowing for a fee. Just not to sure if you have to be a current student of theirs.

I can keep you in mind for the future. It’s just really slow at the moment.

Hi. CD will do it for $. I did it. But was a former student.


Call them and talk to Ryan Hafner.


There are 6 InterNACHI members within 20 miles of you. Someone should be able to help you out.

Good Luck.

Thanks for the info about Carson Dunlop, I will look into them. I understand this is not the busiest time in the housing market.

Called Carson Dunlop, they say that they are no longer offering the shadowing service. They didn’t even ask if I was a former student or not. Thanks for the info though guys.

I guess not enough demand.


It may be out of your way, but to your great advantage. to try and arrange a tagalong with Roy Cooke. Brighton isn’t a great distance from T.O.

I don’t have a problem driving a distance, I personally don’t want to tag along locally. I know there is other local NACHI members but I understand that we essentially will be competion in the same area, and I don’t expect any business to want to train their local competition ,even being members of the same association.

Jerry stay in touch I am at this time mentoring two other HIs who go out with me regularly so I do will not be able to take you out for a while .
…Cookie Roycooke@sympatico.ca
and of Course its Christmas so sales have stopped .


Call me. 905-578-5997 I probably live 5 minutes away from you and we could have a Tim Horton’s moment. (regrets to our American friends that haven’t had a Tim’s coffee).

I have no problem with mentoring a competitor.

I am a newbie as well and live in the saskachewan area, a tag along would be great, if anyone would be interested?

Jerry you have mail

I’d offer to help out but your even farther west then Jerry is…
Welcome to the group, I’m sure there’s someone there that can mentor with you, I know you’ll get all the information and advice you need from the folks here at InterNACHI, there an awsome bunch and always happy to toss in a nickles worth of info.


You might want to look at the Humber College Mentoring course, you get to do 6 or 7 inspections, under supervision of qualified instructors and get 50 hour credit towards National Requirements or continuing ed credits.

Go to humber.ca under home inspections for information