Ride alongs in Phoenix for new guys

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Training and 30 ride along inspections. If you are truly interested in being a Home Inspector in Arizona you need to go to a recognized school such as Arizona SunTech or there is a yearlong program offered by Phoenix College. Here is why you need to do this in simple terms.

  1. You need at least 80 hours of training (by a State accepted accredited school) some of the Distance learning programs are not accepted.

  2. The schools help you understand and get threw all the requirements for getting your certification (all the Paper work, Finger print, BTR rules, etc?)

  3. The schools get you threw your 30 ride along inspection with a Certified home inspector (Part of your training package)

  4. The schools help you write and prepare your 5 reports that you have to write for the BTR.

  5. The schools are aware of some flaws in the Certification tests and help you prepare for the tests. Without the knowledge of the test structure and flawed questions in the test you have a high chance of failing it.

  6. Your Reports and other Information are critiqued by Long time Certified Home Inspectors at the BTR (a number of them are ASHI members) Organizations tend to favor their own. Also you are competition to the other home inspectors in Arizona. (There are 100s of inspectors out here)

  7. The BTR doesn?t help you they don?t have to. They are gate keepers everything you turn in to them has to be exactly perfect if it is not they will sit on it for months and not let you know about it. Anything that isn?t correct you will have to do over and start the process all over again. The Schools help you prepare for this so you have minimal things to redo. If you don?t believe this try and call them on the phone you always get the answering machine and they will not call you back until you call them at least 3 times in a week.

As for NACHI members not giving ride alongs.

1. Most NACHI members are new Inspectors that are fighting for every bit of business they get they don?t have the time or enough business to train the next 100 home inspectors (They went to School to get this done and expect everyone else to play by the same rules)
2. NACHI members are the most serious Home inspectors in Arizona they had to over come the local ASHI, BTR and friends obstacles.
3. I am training right now to get my Arizona State Teaching Certificate to try and help other NACHI members get a equal representation this will take over a year for me to finish this. I am working on being an established Home inspector so I can get involved in the BTR Board this will take me another 4 years at the rate I am going.
4. I have offered to take new guys out (but you are wasting your time asking for some one to take you out) the BTR has a list of Home Inspectors on there web sight that you have to use I am not on this list. You will find it is mainly ASHI HI?s on this list and you will be charged around $150.00 per ride. (Do the math on 30 ride alongs) it is better to go to a Credited school than to waist the time of any working HI?s.