Ride Alongs In the Southern California , Inland Empire area?

Hello, I am a fairly new member to Internachi. I am looking to possibly find a mentor and or seek general hands on experience. I have been working with residential housing since 2013 as a certified California HERS Rater & BPI Building Analyst. I am background checked by the company I work for now once a year. We work with large utility companies within the state, so no issues there. I am very familiar with all things energy related on a home. However, I am not as experienced in finding defects.

I am looking to see if any one on here lives in the Southern California area, and if they were willing to let me join in on a ride a long or two with them?

If this is not allowable either, please feel free to correct me.


Jordan, contact some CMIs or CPIs within 40 to 50 miles, or closer, to your area and communicate with them. Maybe one, or more, will help you. Some inspectors feel as though they are training their competition by ride-alongs or mentoring.

Here is the link: Find a Certified Master Inspector®

And another link for CPIs: Find Certified Home Inspectors Near You - InterNACHI®

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Yes I agree there will be some that would rather not train competition. However if I found some one about a hundred miles, or even 10 miles away they should be fine.

I live about an hour from LA, many different communities/cities for MILES. No bare land around here!

Kind of hard right now with the Covid restrictions limiting the number of people who can be at an inspection.

In particularly since every county and city has different rules.

Hopefully the state eases up in the next few weeks.

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Yeah it definitely is a bit of a challenge right now.

One of the positive notes with this slow down is that I have more time to obtain my CPI.

Hope your company is doing well through these times.


Where exactly do you live?

Hello, I reside in Yucaipa.

I’d suggest contacting Eric a Green Valley Inspections. He is in Yucaipa. Eric may be looking to add to his team of inspectors.