Mentor/ride along...again?

Hello -

My name is Mike Toomey and I’m a new Home Inspector. I posted on this board a few months back looking for a mentor/ride along and had an awesome InterNACHI member offer to assist me - Mike @ CalPro Inspections. I spent two days in the field with Mike and learned a lot. Since then I’ve been working on additional education, getting my business registered with the state, building a website, and other administrator task needed to officially open my doors for business.
I’m posting here today in hopes to find another InterNACHI member that wouldn’t mind a newbie tagging along on a few inspections. I’ve taken and passed all InterNACHI required courses (and many extras). My goal is to gain additional confidence and knowledge before I officially open my doors. It’s very important to me that I do right by my future customers and always shed a positive light on the industry.

I promise to stay out of your way, ask questions only when appropriate (maybe over lunch or dinner - on me of course), respect your time, respect your customers and ultimately respect your business/livelihood.

I understand local inspectors not wanting me to tag along, so I’m willing to travel. When I rode along with CalPro I traveled over 200 miles for the ride alongs.Of course, somewhat local would be nice. I live in Brentwood, Northern California, and plan to conduct 99% of my business right here locally.

As I mentioned in my original post, I will pay it forward/back once established.

Thanks for your consideration.


By going out with Mike H. you have given yourself a bigger in field head start then I had. Do a couple mocks and get busy.