Ride Alongs

Good Morning-
What is the best way to approach other NACHI members to ask if anyone is available to offer ride alongs for training purposes?

Go to meetings even in another area a long distance away ,
Meet people and get known .
Ask if you can go out with them on an inspection better if the do not live near you .
I did 100 ride alongs and most where 100 miles away .
Worked well for me .
Roy Cooke

Thank you for the feedback

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In New York State, The State Dept. (NYS-DOS) mandates supervised inspections in order to become licensed. The training can be accomplished with a Licensed Inspector or even through a school. They even have a grandparent clause (used to be called grandfather clause) which allow those who have completed 100 inspections within 2 years to apply for licensure with no further education needed.

Again, NYS has established minimum regs and each inspector should consider more than the requisite minimum.

In NY, Len Ungar (LI NACHI Chapter) has a Legal seminar this month and an Electrical seminar next month. NACHI Chapters are a great way to get extra education, valuable to NACHI Inspector training. allaround@optonline.net

Much luck and success in 2006 and beyond!

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I lived there for a year roughly 12 years ago right out of high school. It was some good times. I lived off of Main by the California Hotel.

Finished at SBCC 1980:D