Ridge vent cap installation

Is this right for the shingles on the ridge vent?

Using field shingle, like those, is not a good idea.

The manufacturers will let the installer make ridge caps when single layer shingles are used but multi layer type, no.
They tend to crack and delaminate.

They make regular cap shingles for that.

Are those laminated shingles or are they like certainteed horizons that look like they are laminated ?

there is a special cap shingle for laminated shingles…they cost more and some may tend to not use them for that reason, but as Larry said that can be a mistake…

In my area, everybody cuts three tab shingles for ridge cap. I have not seen any problems yet with the three tab method.

Ridge caps from
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Most all Manufactures have a ridge and hip cap shingle made for the pupose.
Not installed per Manufactures Instructions. Will either fail or void warranty. :slight_smile:

If you can get the same color. Have you ever noticed ridge and hips that are off color from the rest of the roof. The home owner is stuck with it and the roofer saved $$. No wonder his bid was so much lower.:roll:

Purpose-manufactured cap shingles are better, but if caps are cut from 3-tab, they should be cut in such a way that the adhesive strip works effectively to bond the end not nailed.