Ridgid RT 5X vs Flir E6

(James Hoffman) #1

Looking for a starter imager to assist in some home inspections. I have narrowed it down to the Rigid RT 5X or the Flir E6. I know there is lots of discussion on the Flir E6 but I have not seen anything on the Ridgid RT 5x. Anyone have any experience with the Rigid Thermal Imagers or customer service?

(Chuck Evans, CMI TREC 7657) #2

Training first, then you can evaluate your needs, yourself.

Ridgid has a sensitivity of 100mK or 120mK (their documentation is inconsistent)

(Glen Gallo) #3

The Flir is a better camera

(James Southerland, TREC 2947) #4

Need to agree with Chuck. ICI cameras in Beuamont, TX has very good cameras as well. When you pruchase a camera, you also need to look at support and service. When you signup for training find out the class, is training about thermal imaging or about the trainers sponsors. I have seen some classes that were geared towards a particular camera.