Which is a good camera? Flir or Fluke?

Both manufacturers make good cameras. There has been an issue with some of the Flir models and saving images. Do a search and you can find put all about it.

Also depends on how much you want to spend and what you are going to do with it.

Hey guys…

I’ve been looking at Fluke and Flir both and I currently have a Fluke Ti125 demo and a Fluke VT02 and I spent a half day using a Flir E6.

I’m still researching and playing, but my gut is telling me that the Flir lines are a a better ROI. The quality of image is very comparable when comparing apples to apples (Flir vs Fluke @ the same resolution), Flir has a 10 detector/5 year battery/2 years parts and labor warranty and Fluke has a 2 year (standard) warranty with extensions available, on comparable models the Fluke screens are .5" larger which is nice, but the Fluke eats up more battery unless you reduce the brightness of the screen… I don’t know, I need to play some more, but I’m starting to lean towards Flir, maybe an E8.

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What will you be inspecting.
Testo make a nice unit as well!!!

The Ti125 is 160X120
The thermal sensitivity is “0.10”
Everything else makes sense.

E6 will not meet resnet or BPI standards with the field of view (FOV) 45° × 34°
The entire series uses a wide angle lens.
It is my opinion Flir made this product line to FLUKES new lineup that was about to arrive. Ti200, Ti300 and Ti400.
I purchased the Ti300.

Look at this camera and what you get.
They have an algorithm you buy as an upgrade, instant 320 240.
Love the cameras but they are not as sturdy as I would require.

I have a Ti100 I will let go very reasonable.
Under 50% of cost and you pay no tax.
If you wish to see some images this takes look at my website.

I would recommend against it personally.
Flir “E40” will better the unit.
Testo 875i-1 will better the unit at half the cost!!!.

Good information, I hadn’t even looked at the Testo stuff. It’s a pretty serious investment at $3k or more, I appreciate the input, thank you.

You are welcome.

Barry, If I am not mistaken, a colleague Linas utilizes Testo IR equipment.

Also look at Infraspection for education.
Although I have long passed my 30 day required educational verification time I am still able to utilize the educational model.

Very high caliber educational material.

InterNACHI members get a large reduction for IR INSPECTIONS FOR HOME & BUILDING INSPECTORS

I think it is an essential part to becoming a thermographer.

Robert are you still selling your Ti100? PM me if you are…Thanks!

The price on the link is $995. Is that the NACHI price?


The link for the Distance Learning version of the course is:

The price for InterNACHI members is $195.

Please feel free to call me if you have any questions. My contact info may be found below.

I read the course outline. It sounds very similar to the NACHI course. Does the course cover more material?

Frank its worth much more than $195.00 just to be able to say I have studied IR with the infraspection institute :smiley:

I do not know the acronym PM?
Yep Camera is still here.
I will give you a call.
I have free long distance.

Frank, I have done John’s IR distance course.

Once I started Infraspection’s course I noted subtle differences in the first Chapter.
By the third chapter I understood the comparisons between educators and materal.

Do not get me wrong, I am not going to put down any educator or their material.

Infraspection’s Building Inspectors course and material is very high caliber.

Frank, I will go one step further.
“I will pay the course if you do not like it.”
You have me on record.
Jim, I will pay for the course if Frank does not like it.
I will do the same for Tyler.

I am a very proud of the man I have become and have never reneged!
Although I have not completed the course due to exhaustion, I am about to do so.

I love Infraspection’s long distance teaching method and the idea of distance certification is also great.
They are unbiased in their teaching methods and are one if not the oldest educators of Infrared education in the world.

Now Charley L. Bottger and myself unfortunately have not seen eye to eye on occasions and that is mostly my fault. Sorry Charley.
He is without a doubt one of InterNACHI’s lead men for infrared and owns a Fluke Ti32 to which many industry specialist, is one of Flukes best models.

Talk to Charley.
I am but a shadow against this man Frank.
I am just starting my climb up the first ladder where as Charley has climbed many ladders.

I will contact Jim Seffrin personally and give him my credit card number.
The first 3 people to take me up on my offer are included.

“If you do not like the IR INSPECTIONS FOR HOME & BUILDING INSPECTORSthough Infraspection Institute offered to InterNACHI members I will pay.”

As God is my and your witness;Jim Seffin has no knowledge of this.

Let me start off by saying, Infrared is a tool.
When utilized correctly, with the right education/educator, will help you archive a stronger foundation for your business, separate yourself from the competition and directly increase your knowledge of how buildings appear while functioning under adverse conditions.
Those reasons alone are marvelous attributives to an aspiring business man.

A successful carrier in Infrared Thermograpy for the purposes of building inspections is unique and can be quite lucrative when you have the right educator.
Again Infraspection and Jim Siffen’s name is known around the world. They do not promote manufactures of Cameras. To me, that AT ARMS LENGHT is a quality.

Jim Siffen called me personally last year just to say thank you Robert for the kind words and touched me with his professionalism.

Colleagues, I know it takes time to gain a following at InterNACHI being a vendor but Jim and Infraspection deserve our respect, gratitude and thanks for coming to InterNACHI!
As everyone loves Dominic and HIP, Home Inspection Pro, Jim and Infraspection Institute deserve the same attention, devotion and loyalty.

Best regards everyone.
Happy and safe inspecting everyone.

I was looking at Infraspection and Infrared Training Center… ITC specifically since they arem one of the only two companies that offer a certification recognized by ASNT in Canada. Not sure how much that REALLY matters but…

Wasn’t InterNACHI coming out with an Infrared course for FREE? Nick Gromicko? What’s going on with this plan? does have a “free” course.

First course I took was Infraspection, the Building course, the same one that is now offered for $195 or so.

The course (of which was nearly a grand) is now made available for basically the cost of the course supplies and shipping. Besides just staring at a screen, you’ll end up with a large notebook, study aides etc to work with.

Absolutely a great course, you can not go wrong. No offense to the Nachi course, but can’t really be compared.

Good Luck!

Thanks Tim that’s very helpful information!