RIP Jack LaLanne

LOS ANGELES - Jack LaLanne, the fitness guru who inspired television viewers to trim down, eat well and pump iron for decades before diet and exercise became a national obsession, died Sunday. He was 96. Full Story »

The man was something else.

Remember him for the guy getting sand kicked in his face at the beach ad.
96 is great but still only around 15 years more for all that healthy living.
We all die.

RIP Jack. My wife’s grandmother just turned 101, she never exercised a day in her life. Eats anything, especially sweets. I think Jack was a strict vegetarian, perhaps a nice juicy medium rare steak (and snorkel a couple of cold brews) once in a while might have been beneficial. My great aunt passed a couple years ago, she was 107, hard as a pine knot and she too ate all the stuff you aren’t suppose to eat, ham, bacon, bisquits with gravy…hmmmm. getting hungry.

It is not what you put in your mouth that defiles the body, but what comes out of it.

Lifestyle will only take you so far, genetics & luck appear to be the deciding longevity factors. My great-grandmother was born in 1864 a year before the Civil War ended and died at 104 in 1968. :smiley:

Sorry, Dude… that was Charles Atlas

Yeah I remembered that last night when I watched the Power Juicer commercial celebrating Jacks birthday of all things.Not one mention that he died.

Juicers are a waste of time in my opinion when you can just throw everything in a blender.I like vanilla Keifer mixed with a banana,apple and blueberries.That rind they toss out is the fiber that you need.

Orange juice and fermented “potato juice” makes an excellent health drink.

A very long time ago, I heard Jack LaLanne say words to this effect “If I had a dog and I let it start the day with coffee and a cigarette, they would put me in jail.”

Stop your making me go upstairs for another cup and suddenly need another square.

RIP Jack.

96 is great but–

This is about the dumbest thing I have heard in years dude. 96 healthy strong years is amazing, no ands ifs and sure as hell no buts about it. Come on man

Tomorrow is promised to know one.

See ya Jack, Love your juicer… While I have your ear, Jack, mine plugs up every time I put a chocolate cake in it. Is this covered under warranty?