I need to lose some weight. Anyone have a diet that kept it off?

Looking for long term success advice.

Push away!!! from…the table!\:D/

I’ve watched this 3 times tonight! http://www.nachi.tv/episode40 :wink:

You’re not watching this video enough then! I recommend increasing it to at least 20 times a day.

If this regiment does not work to keep the extra weight off, we will add other exercises to your routine :grin:

Diets won’t work. Changing your eating habits can help immensely. Baby steps. The longer it takes to come off, the longer it will stay off.

Start reading the labels. If it has high fructose corn syrup, put it back on the shelf. If it has an artificial sweetener, put it back on the shelf. It is better to use regular sugar than the artificial stuff.

The last way to help yourself is to walk. Everyday, twice a day, 20 minutes each time. If it rains, take an umbrella. If it snows, wear a parka. If its sunny…for gods sake wear long pants…we couldn’t take seeing those legs…

So how about a challenge? A % weight loss challenge for all those inspectors that find themselves squeeeeeezing through the crawl spaces and sucking wind when you are done. I challenge the chubbies of which I am a full member. What say you all?

Eat small meals and snacks 5-6 times a day. You stop eating you’ll stop loosing weight odd huh?

Run or fast walk 30 mins a day preferrably 45 5 days a week to loose weight. 3 days a week after you lost it.

Drink water

Flirt with the Mrs more if your married. It’s great excercise.


www.p90x.com :smiley:
you can make your own progress video

My wife and I lost 20 lbs each on the Sout Beach diet.

did it stay off Linas???

Yes, Until I started back to eating more carbs. My wife is more disciplined and she kept it off for over 2 years now.

If it tastes good, spit it out.

I lost 20 pounds in a week once. Of course I had to unexpectedly loose my job. (Don’t recommend this diet.)

that’s what the doctor says…

I did Nutrisystem, I lost 50 lbs., kept it off for a year so far.
I need to lose another 50.

I did the low carb deal for about 3 years. Wanted to lose 25 lbs but ended up losing 57 lbs! It was the easiest diet I had ever been on. I’ve since put it all back on. I had several people tell me they thought I was sick because I lost so much weight! I think like others have said, don’t go for the gimmicks just change your eating habits and get off the couch :slight_smile: Now, I need to lose that 25 lbs… again:roll:

Carry one of these, everywhere!!! It holds the “recommended” 8 glasses of water, no plastic taste, DW safe, … it’s wonderful!
Dhttp://dscproducts.com/Images/0035_thumb.jpg http://dscproducts.com/

WWsWhen you drink a lot of water, it helps with “everything” body wise. It also helps with other “addictions”.
My momma always told me “If you really WANT something, go and get it, period”. Think “Outside-the-box” also, dieting is not “rocket-science” it’s really pretty easy to understand, the “breaking of poor eating habits” is the “hard” part.
Nike has the greatest “self-help” slogan of all time “Just do it”, unless of course your planning a bank robbery or you find yourself wanting to plunge off a bridge. And one more tidbit, before I go,… as RR says… plan, plan, plan… write out a daily plan & stick with it (what you’ll eat & when you eat it)… it eliminates two pests: hurrying and indecision (which usually aid in “poor eating choices”). And also remember, everyone gets the same 24 hrs. a day, so if your big, skinny, busy, bored, unhappy, satisfied, etc. you choose to be that way, because that’s what your doing with your time… if you find yourself saying “but”… there inlays the main problem.

Wishing everyone out there in iNachi land the best…

Sorry to burst your bubble and drinking water is fine but there is no evidence of the need for 8 per day.

It’s little more than an old wives tale.

Back on topic.

I have done the Atkins(high protein/low carb) several times with great success as far as weight loss.

The problem is learning to live a low carb lifestyle on a long term basis.

As others have said the diet woks great and you seldom are ravenously hungry. If you like meat, cheese and eggs eating low carb is da bomb.

In my experience exercise with low carb eating are what is needed to maintain desired weight.

As soon as I stopped exercising the the weight loss stopped.
If you start eating carbs the cravings begin again and back on goes the weight.

I have a close friend that dropped over 80 lbs. last year on a system that proscribed exactly what to eat daily. He id doing OK but tells me the absolute hardest part is the maintenance phase.

Good luck and take the advice on walking daily to heart. IMHO

This is the first summer I have not droppe from 215-185.
Not sure why, but I will watch this thread.

Gotta run as Iam late for Denny’s.
Maybe going full time and sitting at the computer is one reason.

Sorry to burst your bubble and drinking water is fine but there is no evidence of the need for 8 per day.

That’s why I put quotation marks around “recommended”.

That’s nice but it left the wrong impression IMHO;-)

"Almost everyone has heard the rule that we need eight 8-ounce glasses (about two liters) of water daily, along with the other part of the rule that beverages containing caffeine or alcohol do not count. It turns out this rule has never been scientifically tested, and there is little evidence to support it.

Diet surveys of thousands of adults suggest that such a large amount of liquid is not needed because these people were healthy and did not consume this much fluid. Likewise, there are dozens of studies that show the precision of the system that regulates water balance. The evidence was summarized in a review published in the American Journal of Physiology: Endocrinology and Metabolism in August 2002.

HERE’S WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: Remember that most foods you eat are loaded with fluid. Uncooked meat is two-thirds water; most fruits are many vegetables are 90 percent water. Some people may need large amounts of fluids, especially those physically active in hot climates. Caffeine and alcohol are diuretics, that is they increase urine production, but much of the water in beverages that contain them does get used by the body." (Nutrition News Focus)

I swear by nutrisystem I have currently dropped 26 pounds (four notches on my belt) and similarly other members of the family 18, 14, 10 and 10 my weight loss has inspired four other members of my family to start as you can see by the other losses. It is not a real diet like the atkins that no one actually reads the whole book about how to get back on carbs the concept of the system is to help retrain your eating habits how to eat all the tasty things you like but in smaller portions and in a more balanced manor mixed with small amounts of exercise. You do this to start by using there meals and in the process slowly mix in real food to match until you lose your weight then you stop their food all together. It has been working great so far I have 120 pounds more to go. but being only 5 weeks in I’m doing well and their food even tastes good.

More proof is if you have ever seen Julian Barbery (the big breasted tight women announcer for the NFL) she was about 220 pounds before nutrisystem and you see her now. If you have any questions pm me or check them out direct at nutrisystem.com

They have an extremely extensive online support system at your disposal and you do not even have to purchase anything to access just give them an email and home address so they can market and you can check out their entire system and theories.

and Mike L. water has shown to help every diet and everyday health for proper health a person should drink half their body weight in fl. oz. of water to flush their system and keep all the cells happy it has shown in medical studies to actually help dandruff and dry skin diseases.

Have a great day
bradley schumacher