Home Inspecting With a Crawling Robot

According to the InterNACHI® Home Inspection Standards of Practice, the inspector shall inspect the crawlspace. Do it safely using the right equipment that works for you.


Thanks to SuperDroid Robots that provided us the crawler to have fun with. Click the link below for purchasing a robot:


InterNACHI® Certified Professional Inspector CPI® Scot Baker of Baker Inspection Group offers a crawler. Click the image below:
Screen Shot 2021-02-23 at 10.40.34 AM

InterNACHI’s e-commerce partner Inspector Outlet has the best safety gloves for crawling. Click the image below:
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I no longer sell BIGCrawlers.

How come, did you design a new version?

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The camera model I used (Foxeer) was discontinued. At the time no other options were out there that allowed you to manually switch from taking pictures to video. Taking pictures in the crawls are critical to be able to see everything clearly and report accurately. Very tough to do screenshots from a video no matter how fast your memory is. I decided I was not going to degrade my crawlers with a lower quality camera just to continue selling it. Since then a couple of new cameras have popped up (Runcam 4K and GitUp). I see others building now very much copying what I have done with the BC360. I had a lot of new ideas and wanted to try a new camera (GitUp) so I made BarNone, the gray one you may have seen now. I did not care for the GitUp camera, I took it off and installed an old Foxeer from my stash of parts. Much better camera even still.

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You’ve done a tremendous amount of development on this device, I hope you continue to build a model that has the functionality you’re looking for, and quite possibly, to market to others.

Scot, have you thought about a WiFi repeater? I know it’s not the same but, if you found a way to strengthen an adhoc network, maybe one of the app enabled cams could work beyond 30’. Still a latency issue, but not too dangerous since we’re not airborn.

A 4S battery would give you the voltage you’d need to power one.

Another option is to try one of Kalinograd’s custom firmware flashes for the F1. He has a few available, no charge.

If you were using a standard F1, you might like the F1C better. It has better low light capability. Or the 90 degree version, which puts more light on the sensor, and gives a better feel for approaching obstacles than 160 or 130.

Just some thoughts…

I’m watching for a PWM digital offering from FatShark or DJI. So far, no joy.

Have you tried operating a RunCam2HD with a legend cable or GitUp cable? That cam was PWM operable with THEIR cable (discontinued), which I saw has a small board in the PWM feed. The power line is absent post board. No power in our cables. I haven’t felt ambitious enough to buy one to try out.

I have never had an issue with signal strength as seen in the video link. https://youtu.be/yE76Aj3y2g8
I opened both crawlspace covers and drove the BC360 while I was inside the van to show what it does. BarNone has an even more powerful transmitter. I see others making false claims about signal strength, yet their sample videos show them standing in the opening. :thinking: Because I no longer sell it I have little reason to experiment with anything else new. I am happy with the Foxeer, I have seen the quality of both of the new cameras. The Foxeer is also both smaller and lighter than the GitUp, which helps the tilt servo and produces a smoother inspection with less camera bounce. Waiting on a couple of parts that will tighten the steering radius up and help with obstacle crossings and lessen hang ups. My statement on crawlers should be complete then.

No, I agree, it runs well. And I saw the dual crawlspace video a whole back. The signal I was writing about was for WiFi-enabled camera, if you wanted to try another camera using a WiFi link in the absence of your traditional method.

That looks like a great device. However, the beautifully lite pictures with all the wonder lighting that was provided really does not help the sale of the unit. Most crawl spaces (which is more of what I would be wanting for) do not have florescent lighting. I’d like to see it again with the lights turned off and let the unit illuminate the area by itself.
Just a thought.

Check out Scot’s videos on his YouTube channel.

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If you are asking me, here you go.

Hi Scott. I was looking at the track drive Ben was showing at the house of horrors on the last Internatchi school newsletter. All the lights were on during that video. Thanks for following up!
Paul Thiele, CMI, Denver Area Mortgage Field Services.

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Hey Paul,

Here is a video one of our customers has put up of him using the SuperDroid GPK-32 in an actual crawlspace. You can see the video Here.

Let me know if you have any more questions or requests!

-Griffin from SuperDroid Robots


Our GPK-32 has the ability to remotely switch between video and pictures if that would be something you are interested in.

It has about a 500ft range and a 7inch LCD screen on the remote so that you can view your crawlspace inspection remotely.

-Griffin from SuperDroid Robots

Thank you I appreciate the video.

I have no idea why you are addressing this to me. I am the O.G. of crawlspace builders and still build the best one, BarNone.


This video actually highlights the shortcomings in all metal box crawlers. The lack of proper grip, ground clearance and articulation leads to all kinds of ways to getting stuck. I believe the one in the video got stuck 6 times and had to be rescued 5 times, I have to it watch again. If this was a non accessible crawlspace it is now gone. If it runs on Li-Po batteries, that is another major problem with leaving it behind. The job of the chassis is to get the camera where it needs to go and come back every time.

A lot of lateral lens flare upon elevation. What’s causing that? Makes it difficult to focus.

Also, when it got hung up, can you determine what the issue was?