Romex protection in attic space

I am curius Jeff as to how often you call this violation out.?

I see it in almost every new home and I always call it out , but it never gets fixed unless it is within 3’ of the hatch…?

I have yet to get a satisfactory explanation from a Sparky.???

People will do only as much as the local AHJ makes them do, which in many cases is very little. There’s one jurisdiction around here where it has become ‘normal’ to run the entire bundle of branch circuit wiring in a wad, usually down along the base of the trusses, branching off where necessary with minimal stapling. If the design makes this method impossible, they use the CENTER of the base of the web members. Some will use plastic cable ties and bundle them together. It never gets corrected, but I still protect my legal butt by calling it out.

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If the attic space is accessible, meaning you can get in and inspect it, rather than just viewing it from the hatch, I will call this out.

I see it much less in new construction as compared to older homes and renovations. Newer construction typically has access platforms (cat-walks) for the FAU, which generally provide the required protection.

(A) Where Run Across the Top of Floor Joists. Where
run across the top of floor joists, or within 2.1 m (7 ft) of
floor or floor joists across the face of rafters or studding, in
attics and roof spaces that are accessible, the cable shall be
protected by substantial guard strips that are at least as high
as the cable. Where this space is not accessible by permanent
stairs or ladders, protection shall only be required
within 1.8 m (6 ft) of the nearest edge of the scuttle hole or
attic entrance.
(B) Cable Installed Parallel to Framing Members.
Where the cable is installed parallel to the sides of rafters,
studs, or floor joists, neither guard strips nor running boards
shall be required, and the installation shall also comply
with 300.4(D).

Damaged cables due to foot traffic on the cables or improper protection can cause fires…always call it out and let the chips fall where they may.