Romex touch gas line

Does the NEC or IRC say anything about romex
wires in the attic touching a gas line?


But it could be said that in that case it could mean the gas line is " likely to become energized" or could be and a good argument for making sure the “other pipes” within the dwelling are bonded as they are supposed to be.

But touching it in general…not really covered in that actually.

Thank you Paul.

Mr. Holt has an interesting story of how a person was electrocuted because a romex was laying on a gas line and a rat chewed through the wire and the pipe became energized…the guy touched the pipe and WHAMO…

Good thing good electricians with good bonding minimizes this from happening.


A good electrician is worth every penny right Paul?

As for this specific problem, maybe a photo might help identify if something else is wrong. Is someones work is suspect, something might have tipped you off. Looked odd.


Could not have said it better myself my friend…So true…so true:cool: