Romex touch gas line?

Does the IRC say anything about romex wires in
the attic touching a gas line?

Seems like a CMI question John.

Fine I’ll dig through my IRC book. I do not remember anything specific though. Maybe something about professional installation or workman like manner…

Gas in a gas line is generaly safe, it is when air gets added to the gas that the fun begins, or visa versa.

It will serve as a support point if nothing else is available…

Answered it in the Electrical Forum…:)…well…how about this…gave my opinion on it in the electrical forum…:slight_smile:

:smiley: !

Thank you Paul for your help.

Since the answer is not addressed in the NEC or the IRC…
I was looking for something that was not exactly there.

Your story about someone being electrocuted by a romex
wire touching the metal gas line makes me want to
add an extra comment to help the Client understand
both sides of the matter.

Thanks… I’m always learning.