Roof access/Ladder to short/blocked

Ask the neighbor if you can look out their 2nd story window.

I actually noticed the neighbours have a 2nd floor deck, if I run into them I will see if they mind me setting my little giant up on it.

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I really see no issue with putting the kids in the car to do a drive by to scope out the property.

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My daughter is disabled, you don’t just put her in a car for a 45 to an hour one way trip.

Then there is school, oh then physical therapy after school, then speech therapy after that, then she needs all of her medications, oh then she needs help getting undressed, then help bathing so she doesn’t drown, then pyjamas put on cause she can’t do it. Then we pray she goes to sleep without having any muscle spasms. She is 10!!! So no can’t just throw the kids in the car.

Don’t use those! Conditions change. Your report should only include the condition of the property as you see it at the time of the inspection.

If you can’t get on the roof, tell the client you will be happy to inspect but you will have to exclude the roof due to height. They can have the roof inspected by someone else.


Stuart. I was trying to answer your question based upon the information you provided at the time of my post.

I wasn’t attacking you or your family and I didn’t know the location of the inspection relative to your home. Take care.


Oh I know, just letting you know why unfortunately it isn’t just as a simple as putting the kids in the car for me. Sucks to be honest.

Get another local inspector who has a drone to check it for you. Throw him/her some of your inspection fee money. I had a new inspector call me to do infrared on a job for him because he didn’t provide infra red yet. I was glad to help and got paid. Before I provided sewer scope and radon, I had another guy do them for me. You get the idea…

Went to a job where my 32’ was just a bit short and in a postage stamp yard. Was honest about my mistake with the client and offered to come back the next day with a bigger ladder. Went to a local tool rental place, rented a 40 footer and had a buddy tag along to help manouver and hold the ladder since the angle was a bit dicey. Was glad to get up there cause there were a few items that a drone may not have picked up on. (I’ve also watched another inspector get his drone get caught in a tree and then spend an hour getting it out.)

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About a year ago I decided to stop carrying both of my extension ladders and only carry my telescopic ladder. Realizing that I would not be able to get on every roof, I bought a drone, good enough to zoom in and get HD photos for roofs that I cannot see adequately from the ground. I also have a telescopic pole with a remote camera, but rarely use it. The drone seems to do a really good job.