How long is your ladder?

I’m looking for discussion on:

  1. What length of ladder do you use?
  2. What do you consider “too high” to safely inspect a roof from the eave?
  3. Do you walk on roofs?
  4. If yes, up to what pitch?
  5. What wording do you have in your report/contract/agreement for height/pitch limitations?
  6. Do you think your safety limitations meet the expectations of your clients?


  1. “Jaws” folding extension ladder (think little giant) extends to 19.5’
  2. Over 16’
  3. Yes, if accessible, dry, safe condition of roofing
  4. 6/12
  5. working on that…
  6. Not always…some think we should have wings! (and X-ray vision)


Oh Ladder.
Never mind.

Thats kinda personal!

Ok enough of the ladder jokes…

How big is your deck?

Guess he stepped onto that one mark.

How big is your deck is not fair, as only half of all people have one.:mrgreen:

What kind of wood are we talkin.?

Sometimes I have trouble getting my truck in the driveway.


According to some red necks I was listening to one day, I hear that if you trim the bushes around your deck it looks bigger.

I’m very comfortable gaining access to roofs.

  1. 28 foot fiberglass is the best standard ladder there is.
    You may need to gain access to many commercial roofs in the future and my 22 foot multi ladder is not enough.
  2. There is no too high if you have the right length ladder.
    4.I go by what I feel comfortable with according to conditions and do not think having a stead fast rule is good.
    5.Not in contract as that would be pointless and self defeating.
    Method of observation is in the report.
    6.I do not think about that sort of stuff when it comes to personal safety as I am only here to entertain when I feel like it and do not need to put on a climbing show for anyone.
    I set the standards of how I inspect and not anyone else when it comes to this issue as no SOP of any state or association has roof walking as a requirement and you do not ever risk life and limb for anyone over money.

It is not how big it is, it is how you use it.
Personally i do not like sitting on mine.

My deck is just the right size for me to set my food tray on it while I watch TV. I paid alot of money for that deck and I like to see what i paid for.

Since this is basically a man cave forum. (my apologies to any ladies)

Depends how many times I unfold it

My message was too short.

If I can’t reach it with my 14’ extension ladder then I take out the binoculars.:slight_smile:

15.5’ Extend & Climb for most applications, 24’ Werner for the few exccptions.

Not many roofs here have a high pitch.

If it does not look safe TO ME, I will not go up.

I’m on roofs every day (not home inspections). 20’ covers most single story homes. 28’ covers most two story homes. I have bigger, and smaller ladders for doing my every day work. For home inspecting, the 20 & 28 would be my two choices.

I’ve since purchased a 22’ Fiberglass Little Giant,
but my 28’ comes out for the big jobs…

24’ Werner Extension ladder. Only height limitation is the ladder’s. 8/12 pitch. No to clay tile, wet shakes, metal. Yes to all others.