Roof construction?

Here are a couple pics from yesterdays insp. Does anyone see an issue with just having 2x4, sitting on walls, approx span 10’ to 15’, without any bracing, other than a few small Collier ties?


R602.3 Exterior walls of wood-framed construction shall be designed and constructed in accordance with this chapter.

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These are true 2x4’s and in the early part of the century that’s how they built it. It would not pass today’s standards obviously.

Should I refere this too a structural engineer. This was a an add on.


How solid is it, what kind of lumber is it, how long has it been there, is there any sign of sagging, what kind of load from snow has it taken through the years…

I have run into similar builds, often they are stronger than what they look like they should be due to the lumber used (such as oak vs pine). It does seem at times the builders of yester-year were blessed with the ability to build with less and make it stronger. Also I notice that there seems to be a roof structure within the roof structure, this may be why the load has been carried well through the years, might want to notate ‘don’t remove the rafters’. If it was a newer structure I would be more inclined to worry. Make note of it and CYA.

On the first pic, do I see a rafter that is sistered on both sides to join two the boards of the rafter? Was this to correct a problem or to make use of every last stick of wood.

I would also want to look closely at the roof from the outside to make certain no bucking is evident. The board decking for the roof appears to be wider than 6 inches,( 6 inches is the max allowable with no greater that 1/2 inch gap between boards).