Roof Deck Attachment

Inspected a roof today. Deck was 7/16 plywood and could only find 1/2 inch shiners, they looked like D common nails. Would they really use 2D commons to attach a deck for a house built in 1988 ?


Would like to see a picture of the condition you describe, but I think you are most likely looking at the penetration of a 1-1/4" roofing nail used too attache the shingles.
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It sounds like your question is “Would they really install something improperly?” To which the answer is, “Yes.”

Thanks Mark & Jeff I went back and scanned the entire attic. I finally found a couple staples sticking through a truss. They were 1 3/4 total length. Whoever stapled did a tremendous job I only found five or six in the whole attic.