Wind Mit Roof Deck

I have a roof with staples less than 6" in the field, would this be classified as “C” for the Roof Deck Attachment?

No, must be 8d nails. Anything else is A.

Not in any world would it be C :slight_smile:

How many of you have seen 3/4" dimensional lumber installed with staples, and what do you select on the 1802?

And then mark the beeps on truss where it shows “metal”

If you can prove it, you could mark C.

Slim chance of that.

This helps prove it

I am just saying it could be possible somewhere so give me a ****ing break.

Without proof, it doesn’t matter for all scenarios.

I used to select C and submit that paperwork for people with staples, fighting underwriters. Won some, lost some. Was not worth the time it took to fight with them so I gave it up.

Actually never…but as far as the 1802 it specifically calls out staples in “A”. Funny thing is have you ever tried to remove something installed with staples? Not an easy task.

I have been trying to explain that to people since Andrew. They had it for a while that wire lath had to be nailed on and not stapled and some folks still think it is better.

They could not be more wrong as you said “try removing something stapled” :slight_smile:

Removing wire lath with nails is easy… Grab one end with pliers and just pull. Pop, Pop, Pop…comes right off.

I’ve seen it many times up here (late 70’s builds), and select A for them. I have done repairs to stapled plywood roof decks and had to break the plywood off. It depends on the friction coating of the staple and the installer on how well they hold. Andrew changed all that with many instances of whole trusses being missed and never getting noted by AHJ. Those inspectors had their collective asses handed to them. If they had just installed the staples by code or better, there would not have been such a stink about them. When I used to use them, I would staple at 4-5" OC everywhere, and turn the gun sideways to hit the truss better.

So here is what you do-------take a sheet of 1/2" CDX and staple it 6" on center @ the seems and field with 1/2" crown by 2" length staples and take another sheet and nail it same with 8D nails and I’ll bet you that 100% of the time you will not remove the stapled sheet without it being in a million splinters and 80% of the time the nailed sheet will come up in one piece ----Another way for Insurance companies to cherry pick coverage ----just sayin !

PS… I use to own a large frame and trim carpenter crew :wink: