Roof framing

What’s your thoughts on the stapling of the wood trusses? This is at the peak of the roof.

There’s no strength in staples. You’ll want to see a mending plate to provide support. Was this in an actual house or a shed? Seems like a homeowner special and a good tug would pull that bottom cord off.

Get yourself a copy of ICBO Report #2403 - Pneumatic and Mechanically Driven Building Construction Fasteners as as issued to The Industrial Stapling and Nailing Technical Association.

This is the actual rafters of the house. House was an upscale modular set on full foundation with basement.

It looks like typical manufactured home fare.

Looks like someone got his hands on a carton stapler with extra staples. LOL:)

Just be careful in calling it out. In Missouri, all modulars have to had the construction process (blue prints) already approved by the State or they cannot be called modulars.

Same here James, they have to meet HUD stardards.

Modular homes usually come in halfs, and the pictures do not depict a truss system that would tell me it is a modular. :slight_smile:


From your picture it looks like purlin bracing close to the peak of this roof. The attached picture is from an old posting from John Evans showing the purlin bracing close to the peak. If this the same configuration in you situation that small triangular portion of the roof at the peak carries very little load so they can get by with staples. Again if this is a modular home HUD approval for the design was a requirement.


** Roof Framing Detail


Roof framing detail for a building regulation application

The term pitched roof includes any roof whose angle of slope to the horizontal lies between 10 and 70 degrees, below this range it would be called a flat roof and above 70 it would be classified as a wall.
The pitch is generally determined by the covering that is to be placed over the timber carcass whereas the basic form is governed by the load and span. The terminology used in timber roof work and the basic members for various spans are shown in the detail.
The cost of constructing a pitched roof is greater than for a flat roof, but the pitch will create a useful void for locating cold water storage cisterns and storage. The timber used in roof work is structural softwood, the members being joined together with nails.
The sloping components or rafters are used to transfer the covering wind rain and snow loads to the load bearing walls on which they rest. The rafters are sometimes assisted in this function by struts and purloins in what is called a purloin or double roof. As with other forms of roof the spacing of the rafters and consequently the ceiling boards that are to be fixed on the underside of the joists.

House in Gurgaon

Thanks Bruce. I have never seen that type of system in my life. I do not think it would pass code in Quebec.I will look.
Thanks Linas I will get a copy of the report.
I would love a link.

In some cases with modular homes , they are unable to transport the home to it’s location because with the full roof height it won’t clear the lowest overhead obstacle to the location . And so the peak or top 1or2 feet of roof will be constructed on site . I learned this from a friend who works in a modular plant . :D:D:D

Yes Allin it was in a post last year about the portability issue, but do they staple the roof truss like that in BC? Code? You guys are regulated and licensed now.
Would be or should and could be a concern if you inspect one.
Do not want that litigation thingy caused by oversight. Right!.