Roof Geometry Town House

What would be the geometry of this roof? The inspection was done for the end unit that has 3 sides hip. This unit ends before the window on the 2nd floor on the inside corner and before the tie in to that gable section. That area is over another unit. Do you take the whole roof into consideration or just the area over unit?

Thanks Guys
Bruce Waits
First Choice Inspections
St. Petersburg, Fl.

If there is no solid firewall that is above the roof line seperating the units then the entire roof must be considered.

That is our rule.

You would probably loose the hip rating anyway because of the lower roof area over the first floor enclosure next to the porch.

Christopher above is correct.

Based on what I see it would be hip…However, we have just changed our policy to reflect Mr. Thomas position. I like that policy! Thank you.:smiley:

Mr Thomas is correct.

I am confused. Why would they loose the hip rating due to the lower roof, even if just this unit was considered? That roof is hip too. Just to be clear, the entire roof should be included on this one.

If the question was as before 50% of a major wall, what would be the answer???