Wind Mit. Q5 on multi-unit town homes

As always thanks in advance for any and all help. It is truly appreciated!

We recently had an inspector perform multiple Wind Mitigations for a customer which owned 3 single units inside 3 separate multi-unit town homes. Each of the structures housed I believe 3 to 4 units. The roof structure for the entire building was a standard gable roof. Hip running along the front and back, and gables on the sides. The customer is upset he is not receiving the hip roof credit on the middle units which have more units on either side.

We explained that the roof geometry is considered for the full structure unless there is a Masonry firewall separating the units. Which in this case there was not. We tried to explain to the customer as best as possible but he still requesting more information and asking for a refund. We are standing by our inspections and believe them to be correct and would like your assistance.

This is just one of the demands of the customer which we could not find a satisfactory answer for - "requesting you provide me the exact industry guidelines (state, local, federal, all applicable) that pertain the hip roof (to include the part that shows how to calculate it and any applicable notes, gables, fire walls, etc used). "

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There is no “exact” industry guideline for this, but you are correct about the masonry firewalls separating the units. The only thing that I might add is that the firewall needs to penetrate the roof covering as a fire-break to disregard the interior (and building end wall) gable ends of the structure. The client’s only recourse is to ask the underwriter.

It does not say the unit’s roof only.

Tell him that you consulted with one of the instructors for a class said that they said you did it correctly. :wink: