Roof item description needed

Trying to get through this report from the weekend as I was down a couple days from an allergic reaction and the roof was a little odd with flat -shed combinations and a possible TPR material with bad sheathing support,almost like a trampoline and no attic.
My question is what to call the fascia and eave sections covered with trim that formed side ledges with open seams and seemed to be allowing Water Intrusion into the wood beneath.

Looks to be areas where one might find gravel stops but how do I address these ledges and what do I call them ?



Where does the water go left to right in the make shift gutter?

It appears that some of the soffit has already been replaced due to rot.

Yeah that ledging is all around on the flat roof with gutters only at bottom where you expect.
What should I call that ledging ?

I t looks like a water trap to me and a bad design.
Rafter tails at exterior side are rotted.

1960s build if that explains anything.

Seems gravel stops would have been better.

I would write it as flashing appears inadequate ad pics with some arrows and circles showing catch points and water flow.

Yeah I got that part as it is obvious but want to know what to call the ledging as it is a big issue here.[ATTACH][ATTACH]


Never seen anything like this before.’’
Just a couple roof vents and that is it.

Are you referring to the cantilevered beam you are holding?

Mike I am and have been referring to the ledge along the perimiter which is also above the gutters .Look at the angle and it is covered with trim.
It is at the roof edge.

Thought my pics were clear.

On a couple different computers here I will draw an arrow.Doing this report,taking calls at same time…booked 4 while posting this.Glad because I was laid out last 36 hours.

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Bob, Ignore Jeff, he’s a troublemaker (and stalker). It looks like that is part of the built in gutter system.
Hope this helps.

I would just call it a pre bent flashing. I do not believe there is an actual name for it. They tried to make a gutter and failed.

OK thanks guys.
Wanted a few opinions on the design name if it had one.

Maybe I can call it a gutter ledge or gutter shelf.

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