Shingles are raised up in one section

Can someone explain to me what is going on here?
Thank you

Can’t see the entire length of the gutter but it looks like the gutter guys removed part of the drip edge to improperly install there gutter and they pushed up the remaining part of the drip edge when they were cutting it and it stade elevated. That is how I see it.


Bothched install of a partial drip edge. Where’s the rest of it? Or could be a poor attempted fix for something else.

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Added drip edge section to overhang gutter to try and prevent leaking behind the gutter, likely rotted fascia board. Rip that crap off and redo the drip edge the right way (and fix all hidden damage at the same time)!!


It was a homeowner project. The fascia and gutter look they were installed at the same time by the same builder or homeowner.

WAFI response next… … …


For starters: Roof: Steep pitch.
Covering: Composition shingles.
A: Shingle starter course exposure too long.
B: Missing drip edge flashing in sections.
C: Poorly installed drip edge. Not flush to the sheathing affecting the starter.
D: Wavy starter course section.
E: Moss or Lichens growth on shingles…Various locations.

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Thank you for your help guys.
Posted some more photos so hopefully you can see the entire length.

It still looks like the gutter guys removed the drip edge. The right-hand side of the gutter is at the top of the what looks like AZEK vinyl facia. Did you check out the flashing on the chimney it looks like it needs attention, the chimney itself looks bad.

Actually I will correct my previous post and reply, there appears to a second flashing length atop the drip edge flashing causing the starter course to be uneven at that section intersection of the roof.

Gutter slope maybe to aggressive and/or the gutters not installed at an optimal height on the fascia to insure the back of the gutter pan being concealed by the drip edge flashing.

Appears to be 6/12.
Plumbing vents are installed correctly.

List defects.
Refer to a licensed roofer to perform a roof tune up prior the onset of winter.

*Note: The chimney has no crown or cap. Prior repairs.
Requires further review by a licensed masonry contractor.
Just my 2 cents.

Thank you Scott, and also for the chimney comments, here’s a closeup confirming your observations.


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Observation: Masonry Chimney.
Crown too small. Crown missing capillary break. Does not protect the immediate masonry courses below.
Flue appears to short. This can/may cause drafting issues.
No flue ember guard and cap.
Chimney Flashing encased in mastic. Cracked dried mastic by appearance.
Mastic used, smeared on mortar bed, but and head mortar joints and brick masonry as a repair. Cracked dry mastic.
Recommend: A licensed masonry contractor rebuild the masonry chimney or if not in use abandoned the chimney next time the roof covering is replaced.
Follow any professional recommendation offered.

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