Roof Jacks (posted by Leonard Martin)

[ASKNACHI]This question was posted on by Leonard Martin (from Niceville, Florida). [/ASKNACHI]In doing a roof inspection I found that a second layer of shingles were installed over the first layer in stead of removing the first layer. My question is it looks as if the roof penetrations did not get new boots on them when the roof was redone. Is this a notable item on a inspection or not?


I would note them if they were cracked, worn, damaged,etc.

In this type of application - the roofing materials are only as good as the substrate beneath it. It has long been noted that the longevity of the roof covering will be significantly shortened, let alone the difference of additional deadload added to the roof structure.

The issue with the boots - presents a dilemma. How can the inspector verify if the boots are properly sealed, once the new second layer of - I presume roof shingles are covering them? That’s in my opinion a tough call unless the condition is clearly visible.

If the boots were removed and reinstalled (reused) then is simply becomes an issue of the condition of the boots. Are they damaged, previous nail holes, etc.

If the boots were left in place on the old layer and the new roof layer was simply added on top and going around the existing boots then there is no prevention of water from getting down to the old layer. Presumably the old layer was in a deteriorated state and can not be relied upon for water protection.