Deteriorated Plumbing Boots, 8 years old.

Most of the plumbing boots on a home built in 2008 were completely deteriorated. I’ve never seen them this bad at that age. Any recalls or ideas on why such a short lifespan?

I had to replace one on one of our rental properties recently but it was about 20 years old.


I have never seen rubber deteriorate like that or that color regardless of age. The rubber in your photos appears hard or brittle to me. My first guess is a bad batch of rubber from the factory.

Wow, those are bad. I will have to put Award Metals on my sh_t list.

Pollution in the air and weather conditions , chemical washing shingles can cause it . Most only have a life span 8 to 10 years , Did you check the date stamp? Perhaps old stock when they installed them .

Possible damage from a lighting strike.

Here in Florida we do not use the rubber boot. I came from NJ where that “flashing” is used religiously. Here we use lead boots, because the rubber deteriorates so quickly, due to the intense sun.
Could those boots have been old stock when installed?

Never seen boots like that.
Been on roof top many years.
How close is the roof to the sun?:roll:
Neoprene collar are susceptible to degradation from prolonged exposure to solar radiation. Maybe only expose them at night.

If its 8 Yrs old but it was replaced 8 yrs ago the installers could have reused boots that looked ok to them at the time. Seen it done. Its an easy repair especially when one is that bad. they do have some that you can slip over and they work so you do not have to pull nails and break seals on the shingles above.