Is this modified bitumen?

Is this modified bitumen? It is a very thick material.
I’m thinking it is, but with so much sealer on it it is hard for me to tell.
I don’t see much of this.

Yes, the membrane has been coated or painted, but it’s a “mod bit” covering.



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For argument sake;
1: Roll roofing is very similar in appearance. Especially when there is a coating applied on top.
2: 2 ply SMS self stick systems are similar. Especially when there is a coating applied on top.
3: Roll roofing Systems installed not as to the manufacturer’s recommendations are not uncommon.
4: I can suspect many of the negative posters have been in a situation where they knew the answer but were unable to express it that day.

Poor roof drainage. Ponding is not a favorable condition.
Highly suspect roof covering.
Membrane and deck sagging indicate moisture has penetrated the membrane at one time saturating the 4x8 insulation boards and deck sheathing below.

Recommend a qualified roofing contractor assess the condition of the roof and provide a written report.
OR; Recommend longer durations of sunlight combined with less humidity. :slight_smile:

If you can’t see nail heads, I’d guess it’s torch-down mod bit.

If you see nail heads on any roll roofing product, it’s not installed correctly. Mod bit roofs are not always torched down either. There are self-adhered and mopped down modified bitumen roofs.