Roof Material Identification Question

Not sure off hand what this is on top of a dormer shed and hoping for help.

If the image is good enough you can see a fiberglass mesh pattern and also just want plumbing vent flashing opinion for fun.

Had to video shot this one from my gadget.




I’m very impressed with your long “gadget”!!!:shock::D;-):twisted:

Bob, Looks as if Brian has “gadget envy” !!! :mrgreen:

(Sorry, couldn’t resist. You set yourself up for that one)!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Can’t help you with your question Bob. I haven’t seen that material before, but I don’t see all too many flat roofs except on commercial and the occassional “widows walk”.

Bob Could it be TPO ,Thermo Plastic Olefin

Hi Bob, interesting photos.

Can’t identify the product, but looks like some sort of EPDM mopped down or could be some sort of SBS membrane that I am not aware of. Has the texture of reinforced EPDM or what they call a scrim.
In either case, it was installed with asphalt cold or hot and the vent was cored from below with a hole saw after the roof was complete and possibly sealed with polyurethane to make water tight temporarily and never had the vent boot installed.

Good pic with your gadget or whatever you use.
I need to get one if I knew what it looks like. :slight_smile:

I like how they left the cut out circle sitting on the roof, only the best craftsmen leave the garbage behind. Great looking drip edge flashings too.

Thanks for the help guys.
I saw that plug sitting and knew they never got on the roof but thought it would be fun to post.

Far as the material goes I may call the contractor but he might not know either.
I was thinking some kind of resin because it sure does not look like standard Modified or roll roofing. Defiantly not EPDM.

My gadget got wet so maybe I needed a boot like Marcel said.:slight_smile:

(just my standard 28 foot pole mounted video)

How do you keep it steady not to get a blurred picture?

Do not need to keep steady when your camera has built in stabilization.
Been telling you guys about the HXV5 for over a year but hard to make the deaf listen.
It is listed at about $250 and worth every penny.

Everyone wants the Olympus so they can take underwater pictures for some strange reason.

Hi Condo

Looks like EPDM to me.

Here is a link to Firestone Building Products.

Me and 11 other NACHI members went to a Firestone Building Products seminar in Indianapolis last year, was a great class for commercial roofing systems.

EPDM that has exposed mesh and thin? OK going to look now.

No pictures for easy ID to help Dale.
I see TPO is listed which I recall means Thermo Plastic ?
That stuff was white when I saw it doing Fannie Mae commercial last year.(Firestone)

Thanks Wayne.

They manufacture numerous types…like other commercial roofing product companies do.

You could even email a picture to someone at Firestone and they would probably be able to tell you the exact type. Great people, and they go out of their way to help people.

Thanks it should have those eh.I forgot the name though as I recommended them on a shed roof last month (gravel stops I believe)

Bob, the hint here is the asphalt used to put it down.
It is not a Modified bitumen, nor APP or SBS, or torch down product that I can see.
Like Dale said, send a picture to Firestone. I could be a Carlisle Product also. :slight_smile:

How about this …

Thermoplastic Roof Membranes
Are dominated by TPO and PVC but are usually white with a thickness of 36-80 mils and consist of:

top layer of polymer
textile reinforcement in the middle
bottom layer of polymer
and optional fleece external reinforcement.

Can be fully adhered or mechanically attached

The asphalt in the picture is throwing me off base.

So it would have to be a Fleece Back Membrane to be adhered in asphalt.

The first TPO roofing membranes were black. Soon failures occurred and was caused by heat. :slight_smile:

Guess I will simply list it as unknown roll roofing

Just have a local Roofing Contractor identify it as a recommendation.
Our curiosity is a different story. The picture does not identify it’s condition of longevity. :slight_smile: