Identifying roof material

I am wondering if anyone is able to help me identify this material used on a large dome roof. The roof its self is a metal dome with thick material over top which has a uv coating added. It looks too thick to be epdm.

The second picture shows the thickness of the material.

looks like aluminum coated modified bitumen .

also did you peal that patch back?

Thanks. I was thinking that. I was unsure because of the thickens.
No I did not pull the patch back. Definitely needs attention.

Looks like coated roll roofing to me.
Roofing Contractor recommended to repair as required.

This roof looks really familiar. This isn’t in North Carolina, is it?

Coated torch-down. They can be re-coated/sealed/glued or whatever virtually forever but at some point it becomes more expensive than just replacing the thing with some modern membrane/TPO/PVC, etc.

The real problem with working on or installing these roofs (at least in my area) is that any open torch requires fire spotters to remain onsite for hours after the work is complete to be sure nothing smolders and catches fire (Of course, we’re all certain, “Chuck in a Truck” roofing is following this rule, right?).

So, to do it right it’s expensive which, of course, is why Chuck and his truck are still in business. I can’t even remember the last time I saw a torch-down roof and didn’t have something to call out.


no. Ontario