ROOF sewer vent boot install

So this is not secured properly. This is one of many issues to this roof. However I’ve never heard or read is there a minimum amount of coverage required on a sewer vent boot and roof vent?

What kid installed these? The sides of the metal flashing must be under the shingles, not on top. It goes by the course of shingles and the overlapping of the flashing over the bottom course then the higher courses go over the top.


Thanks but I did know that but does the entire side need to be covered all the way top to bottom, or do shingles need to cover just past the vent or…???

Read what I wrote slowly. I already answered :slight_smile: It’s not about entire side… it’s about the courses or rows of shingles so that the water can run off in a shingled manner… In other words, the flashing becomes part of the shingles and is installed just like a shingle in a shingled manner.

Are you a home inspector or a home owner? have you ever seen this sort of flashing installed? if not, you should definitely find a video on youtube or such and watch it.

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This is literally on almost every home I inspect. Every one of them is installed wrong. I suspect roofing companies love me.

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I can’t imagine how a roofing installer could think this is OK. Those crooked pipes are awful too.

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When posting, it is good edicate to subject the members with basic information.
1: Low slope roof. 2: Composition/architectural shingles. 3: Plumbing vent flashing question.
Question: What are the “RULES” to installing plumbing vent flashing on sloped roofs?

Roofing: Composition shingles on low slope roof. This could be a problem for the homeowner. By lifting the starter shingle you get to see the underlayment.

Observation: (2) Galvanized steel Plumbing vents.
A: Plumbing vents Inappropriately flashed. ><65% of the galvanized steel flange is exposed. B: Not properly sealed to shed water. C: Flanges not tightly secured to the surface of the roof. D: No visible mastic. E: Too few fasteners. F: Wrong plumbing flange angle for the slope of the roof. G: Shingles not cut to align with the plumbing flange circumference.

Plumbing: (2) plumbing vent terminations.
A: (1) One ABS plumbing vent protrudes the roof deck at the wrong angle.



Can you come install a few for me? :smiley:

I thought you were the expert. :slightly_smiling_face: :rofl: srechkin

Work smart, not hard! Hire Marcel.

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I did my last roof at 58 and promised I would never attempt it again. :laughing: :grin:


I will still do it at 61 as long as @srechkin carries the shingles up the ladder on his shoulder for me. Work smart, not hard!


Well, after 3 back surgeries, hip replacement, a knee replacement and now a busted rotocuff and ruptured bicep tendon, I would say that I could not do it even if I wanted too. LOL I’m glad that you can still do it.


It is not on the top of my list of things to do. I sub it out. :+1:

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On the plus side, no nails.

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No, just a hard 45 years of brutal foundation, steel, concrete floors and general construction.