Roof Sheathed w/ Metal Roofing Only

Pole barn construction w/ apartment above in loft area. No building permit secured; new buyers insisting upon an after-the-fact permit from sellers prior to close (very wise). 2x6 rafters, sheathed apparently only with standing seam metal roofing. I can’t imagine metal roofing provides much shear. Could this ever be acceptable? I know this is an exterior picture, but the theme without roof sheathing continues where visible inside. Thanks for your input.

October 10 2008 008.jpg

In the state of Washington my concern would be condensation on the inner surface. If by chance they stapled up building paper before the insulation, that would help a bit.
Hope they’re getting it cheap, cuz it’s built cheap. :stuck_out_tongue:

John Kogel


I’d tell the clueless buyers to go down to City hall and find the occupancy permit (there isn’t one)



A pole building generally does not rely on wall or roof sheathing to provide resistance to wind and seismic loads. These forces are counteracted by the poles, which are buried in the ground about 4 feet. Of course, when you add a bunch of weight (living space in loft for instance) to the upper portion of the structure, this impacts the seismic calculation. A structural engineer can evaluate the building and determined if it is adequate.

By the way, pole buildings tend to perform well in seismic events because they can walk and flex with the moving ground. That’s what I have heard anyway. Can anyone else confirm this?

Engineering call. Pass on the liability.

condensation dripping down on inslation/ceiling will be an issue. I had relatives years ago that had mold issues resulting from the sweating beer can effect. (scientific name for condensation)